Life of the Party

Life of the Party is a romantic comedy film produced by On the Day Productions and New Line Cinema. The film is directed by Ben Falcone and features a cast consisting of Matt Walsh (watch him also as Rourke in Ghostbusters), Melissa McCarthy (she also can be seen in Ghostbusters as Dr. Abigail “Abby” Yates) , Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph (she’s Smiler in The Emoji Movie), Gillian Jacobs, and Molly Gordon. It was officially released on 11th May 2018.

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The Film Review

Life of the Party Plot

The story focuses on a woman named Deanne who, after dropping off her daughter Maddie at Decatur University, is greeted with the tragic news of being divorced by her husband Dan. Dan reveals how he has fallen in love with another woman named Marcie.

Heartbroken by the decision, Deanne decides to complete her college degree. She tells Maddie about her decision who wholeheartedly decides to support her mother. The two begin to attend the same college together.

Maddie introduces Deanne to her sorority friends named Amanda, Debbie, and Helen. She also meets her depressed and introverted roommate Leonor. Despite having to deal with taunts relating to her elderly age, Deanne still manages to have a good time by getting along with most of her classmates. In addition to that, she becomes an informal mentor to the rest of the sorority girls, thereby gaining their respect.

Eventually, a student named Jack falls in love with Deanne and the two start having sexual intercourse with each other. At a later time, Deanne and Marcie coincidentally see each other at a restaurant where it is revealed that Jack is actually Marcie’s son.

Maddie goes to attend her father’s marriage, however, the entire event falls apart after Dianne, who accidentally becomes high on marijuana, begins to smash the wedding hall. Marcie becomes furious as she reveals how Dianna is cut off financially from Dan.

As Dianne decides to drop out of college, Helen sets up a charity event to support her, claiming that Christina Aguilera will be performing as well. Despite the false claims, Aguilera manages to actually make an appearance, revealing that she is, in fact, Leonor’s cousin.

The film ends with both Dianne and Maddie completing their degrees together at the end of the year. To mark the completion of their college degrees, Dianne along with her sorority sisters, celebrate by throwing their hats up in the air. Coincidentally, Dianne’s hat falls straight on Dan’s face.

The Message

Life of the Party comedically sends out a strong message to all the women, calling them out to support one another. The entire sequence shows how one can only truly be empowered once they begin to acknowledge one another and support them in their decisions.

Despite being enriched with a talented cast, Life of the Party was generally received with criticism. Viewers complained how the script was generally unfunny. This, in turn, also limited McCarthy’s performance as Deanne despite her being a reputable actress.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the film did considerably well financially by having to gross over $4.9 million on its very first day. The film also received 5 nominations, out of which, it won The Comedy Movie Star at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards.

Life of the Party
Life of the Party is a comedy that tells a story of Deana who is left by her husband. Download it and see what happened next.
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