The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is an animated family-comedy film which is based on the emojis stored on our smartphones. Released on 23rd July 2017, this movie features the likes of James Corden, Jake. T. Austin, Patrick Stewart, and T.J Miller as voice actors. The Emoji Movie brings us the story of an emoji named Gene who, unlike his other fellow emojis, cannot maintain a specific facial expression. Gene, along with all the other emojis live inside a smartphone belonging to a human named Alex. Due to his disability, the rest of the emojis are outraged which forces Gene to escape with his best friend Hi-5 and an infamous code called Jailbreak in order to cure himself and become like the rest of the emojis. The film mostly revolves around Gene and his adventure to the cloud system as he faces the threat of being deleted by the head smile emoji.

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The Film Review

The Emoji Movie is a colorful film that is specifically made to fulfill the quality of being family-friendly. The movie is an animated film with the addition of being produced in 3-dimensional form. The concept of this movie originated when Tony Leondis, the director, took inspiration from the Toy Story series. This work motivated him to explore a new area of study related to toys. The viewers can clearly notice the similarities made between the two films in terms of the graphics, animation and the level of humor.

In addition to that, The Emoji Movie is also a reflection of the director’s own personal feelings as well. Leondis relates himself to Gene by being different in a world full of people who judge others, and how he has to cope with difficulties and struggles in order to seem normal in front of that world.

Moving on to the main plot, for anyone who does not have a clue about how smartphones work, The Emoji Movie gives the viewers a general idea as to how the basic apps work in a cell-phone. Gene’s adventure to reach the cloud takes the viewers on a whimsical ride through the most commonly used apps which include Spotify, Candy Crush, Dance Floor and Instagram. The viewers, specifically the children audience, get to know the basics of a smartphone in a fun way through which they can learn more easily.

Despite being creative and humorous, the film has been deeply criticized from the time of its release. Being called the worst movie of 2017, the film has been deemed boring, unfunny along with having a weak script. Critics have also argued that despite being termed as family-friendly, the movie contains words and insults including Oh sh**! which did not seem appropriate to display when most of the target audience are kids who are under the ages of 10.

Overall, The Emoji Film is a very well-designed production which contains basic knowledge of a smartphone and its apps along with just the right amount of humor to make it easier to learn. Despite all the criticism, the film still teaches us a valuable lesson: to be always proud and true to ourselves despite how different we may seem compared to the rest of the world.

The Emoji Movie
The Emoji Movie is a funny animated movie with the characters as emoticons. Download this production to your hard drive and see what happened in Textopolis.
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