I have to be honest; it took me a long time to go back and give Lucifer another shot. I watched the first season as it aired and I did not like it, I felt that it was slow, confusing, and just flat-out boring. However, a friend of mine watched it and kept telling me it gets better and better.

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Once Netflix picked it up and once the final season aired, I was looking for something to watch and I thought that I would give it a go. I have to say, he was right, Lucifer is a show that I feel gets better and better and I must admit when season six ended, I was kind of bummed out by it.

The show is based on the DC Comics character of the same name and as you have already figured out, he is the devil. Lucifer has the same backstory that we all know; he was cast out of Heaven and then spent his time as the king of hell where he would punish people. Despite being a king, Lucifer longs for more and he still has some “daddy issues” as well.

He decides that enough is enough and leaves this throne and hell. Lucifer moves to LA where he opens up a nightclub and he ends up coming into contact with Detective Chloe Decker who he helps with a murder case. Lucifer can use his powers to get information out of humans, but Chloe seems immune to this which greatly intrigues him.

Lucifer eventually starts working with Chloe more and more as kind of a consultant to the LA PD. It is a very interesting premise and I think that Lucifer grows considerably as a character as the show progresses. The supernatural elements are awesome and I think that there is more than enough here to keep fans of the comics happy, but at the same time, you can come into this with no prior knowledge of the DC series.

That first series as I said is rough, it is not bad, but man does it feel like a bit of a chore to get through. Thankfully, Lucifer picks up immensely with season 2, and by the end of season 2 I was all in and I would have a hard time picking a favorite season from the remaining five. Each season has its main story arc, but it is the character development that I really liked.

Lucifer is such a great character, at the end of the day, he is the freaking devil so you never really feel like you know him for sure. However, the show does a great job of making him a character that you truly care about. A huge part of this is the incredible performance of Tom Elis who my wife says is very easy on the eyes…. And I have to agree!

While the first season is average at best, the show really picks up from season two. I get why some people will not be willing to sit through more than a couple of episodes of season one before pulling the plug. However, if you can stick with it, I am certain that you will have a great time and be very impressed with how it all wraps up.

Lucifer is a fantasy TV series that spans six seasons and 93 episodes. It tells the story of a fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar and his life in Los Angeles. Download it now.
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Lucifer Review Summary

  • Tom Ellis is fantastic as Lucifer
  • I loved the whole supernatural and crazy world that this show created
  • There is a great group of characters here, many of which grow during the shows run
  • It is one of those shows that I feel gets better and better with each season
  • Make no mistake about it, season one is pretty hard to get through
  • By the end of it, I really wished that they could get one more season
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