Luck is an Apple TV animated movie that is a decent watch if you are looking for something fun to watch with the family. Luck is a very impressive-looking movie that has a fantastic voice cast and a neat premise for the plot. I will say that it is probably better to watch with tweens and teens than little kids as I could see some younger children losing interest in the story.

How to Download Luck

Luck was released on August 5, 2022. You can download or stream the film from Apple TV. Click on the Download button at the end of this review.

Luck Movie Review: Engaging Plot and Characters

Our main character is 18-year-old Sam and she is an orphan and just about to age out of the orphan system. Sam has the worst luck in the world and is always getting into crazy situations because of her bad luck. At the orphanage she has a younger friend called Hazel and Hazel is sad that Sam has to leave the orphanage.

Sam is voiced by the very talented Eva Noblezada and she is a likable and relatable character. The slapstick way in which her bad luck just snowballs from one crazy situation to the next is awesome and it was a great way to get me invested and interested in the movie.

Exploring the Land of Luck and Its Inhabitants

Sam meets a talking black cat called Bob who is also not exactly lucky! Bob is voiced by Simon Pegg and any time Simon Pegg is being Scottish is awesome. Bob tells Sam about the Land of Luck and the two of them have to go there in order to get a lucky penny that Sam dropped down the toilet! There is more to the plot than that, but that is the basics of what is going on.

The Land of Luck is such an awesome place. We have a dragon that is voiced by Jane Fonda running things and a leprechaun that is voiced by Woopie Goldberg that works as the head of security for this land. We even have John Ratzenburger taking a break from Pixar movies to lend his voice to Rootie who owns a bar and calls himself the mayor of bad luck.

Visuals and Message of Luck

The way that the movie has fun with the idea of luck and how we make our own luck is a solid message and a great one for kids to hear. However, for a plot that sounds so simple, Luck can be rather hard to follow in the middle of the movie. It lasts just a bit too long and just when you think the movie is over and you are at the end, it has another plot that goes on for a good 20 or so minutes!

One thing that no one can deny about Luck is that this is an incredible-looking movie! I was not shocked at all to see this had a massive budget as it is all there on the screen. I love the way The Land of Luck is full of purples and greens, it is so bright that this is a movie that I feel was made to be seen in 4K as it truly does pop.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things to like about Luck. We have some very interesting and likable characters and the movie looks amazing. However, the plot I feel could have been simplified and shortened and it would have been a better movie for it. Still, if you have Apple TV, I would suggest you give this a try, especially if you are looking for something to watch with the family.

Luck is a visually stunning Apple TV animation that is exploring the whimsical Land of Luck, with a heartwarming story and great voice cast. Download it now.
7 Total Score
Luck Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Sam and Bob are a lot of fun
  • The movie has an impressive voice cast that were clearly having fun
  • I was blown away by how great this movie looked
  • This can be fun if you are looking for a family movie to watch
  • After the fun start, the movie does get a bit too convoluted
  • It lasts about 20 minutes longer than is necessary, I could see younger children getting bored
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