Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Based on a popular YouTube series, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is one of the most heartwarming and thought-provoking movies I have seen in a long time. I had never heard of the YouTube show and basically wanted to watch this as I am a huge fan of Jenny Slate, but man, by the end of it I was pretending I had something in my eye as the movie really did strike a chord with me.

How to Download Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Sometime after its theatrical release (which took place on 24 June 2022), you should be able to watch the movie on Showtime. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the current availability.

The Movie Review

When I tell you that Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is about a little shell called Marcell that lives with his grandmother Connie, you probably think that it is a whimsical little movie that is made for kids. That is not the case at all as it is a movie about family, love, loss, and moving on. To be honest, I do think some kids may be able to enjoy the movie, but little kids while they may love Marcel, might not get into the story as much.

Marcel and his grandmother live together and Marcel spends his days gathering items to help him and his grandmother live. His world is changed when filmmaker Dean moves into the house and discovers Marcel and they become friends. Dean starts to make a documentary about Marcel and what he gets up to.

Dean is also a deep and interesting character who is going through his own stuff as he is recently divorced. Things take a sad turn as we learn that by accident, most of Marcel’s family were taken away a couple of years prior and this has left a huge hole in his heart. Dean decides to help Marcel and they make a video that they post online asking for help finding his family.

The video becomes a sensation with people from all over wanting to meet Marcel, but not too many of them are all that interested in actually helping him out! While he wants to find his family, his grandmother Connie is showing signs of dementia and her health is just getting worse and worse. This makes Marcel want to give up his search and just make sure she is ok.

Dean and the TV show 60-Minutes (which Marcel and Connie love, especially the show’s host) manage to help Marcel and it is just so heartwarming and tragic at the same time. While Marcel is the star here and seeing the way he views the world and the people in it is fantastic stuff. I do like that we also get to see Dean grow and move on as well.

I just do not see how anyone could not like this movie! It really did tug on my heartstrings and make me think about things. It is a movie that grabs you right from the start and does not let go all the way to the end. It is crazy to think that this little animated shell could turn out to be such a deep and complex character!

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is a mockumentary film about a creature that consists of a shell and a pair of shoes. Download it and see what happened.
10 Total Score
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Review Summary

  • How can you not fall in love with Marcel?
  • This is a movie that takes you through every part of the emotional spectrum!
  • Marcel looks cute and is very well animated
  • This is just such a lovely and heartwarming story that really does make you think
  • If you do not like this movie, then you have just discovered you do not have a heart!
  • I legit do not have any cons to say about this movie, it was that good!
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