Mockumentary Movies

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On


Based on a popular YouTube series, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is one of the most heartwarming and thought-provoking movies I have seen in a long time. I had never heard of the YouTube show and ...

Paranormal Activity


Horror films, in particular, found footage films have never been popular or mainstream in the contemporary world of cinema. In fact, they barely get any hype surrounding their release unless they're ...

The Blair Witch Project


Found footage films are often known as the most terrifying in the horror genre, especially since the genre surged back in the 1990s. There was an abundance of films that kept pushing the genre ...

Surf’s Up


Today we are checking out Surf's Up which is a fun penguin surfing movie. This is the second movie brought to us by Sony Pictures Animation  (the first one was Open Season) and it is actually far ...