Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms is one of the bigger box office bombs for Disney. The loss this movie made has been said to be well over 100 million dollars! It is a movie that just never caught on. I can attest to this as my family are all big Disney nerds, but this was one movie that none of us were “feeling” and we decided against going to see it.

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Actually, funny story. The way I ended up watching this was a couple of days after Christmas a few years back, I was in the gym, and on one of the TVs, a station had this movie playing! I did not watch the whole movie, but I was interested enough to try and get my wife and son to watch it that evening.

With Mars Needs Moms, Disney went for a more realistic look at things. It has a kind of The Polar Express look (be it a sci-fi one) and that is something that people either like or find flat-out creepy. I think that the motion capture and the way that Mars looks is impressive, but it is not exactly all that enticing when it comes to making you want to watch it.

I will say that towards the end of the movie there is a spectacular scene on the surface of Mars that I am surprised does not get brought up more often for how amazing it looks. The voice cast is decent enough and features some stars such as Joan Cusack and Dan Fogler whose work I enjoy.

The plot of the movie is not actually all that bad if I am being honest. It has a real “family and love” theme to it and that is something I always like. We have a kid called Milo who does not like how his mom makes him do chores. Milo is very mean to his mom one night and an advanced alien race kidnaps her, but Milo manages to get onto the ship!

On Mars, there is a very smart and very advanced race of beings that live under the planet’s surface and they are kind of odd. Martians use these AI robots to raise their kids and they are going to use Milo’s mother’s essence in their next generation of AI bots, this process will kill her!

Milo manages to escape being held by the Martians. A very weird man called, Gribble who is also a human, helps Milo out. It turns out Gribble’s mother was taken many years ago and he feels responsible. He is going to help Milo get his mother back, but this leads to a pretty big conspiracy that is happening on Mars!

I do not think that Mars Needs Moms is a horrible movie at all. However, it is just very, very average. I can get behind the plot being about Milo learning that family and love are important. However, for a movie that is set on Mars and has some cool sci-fi stuff going on, it is just not all that interesting. If you are one of the many people who have not been bothered about watching this, it could be worth a watch, it is not as bad as you may think.

Mars Needs Moms
Mars Needs Moms is a Disney science fiction animated film. Download it now and see what happened to Milo and his mother.
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Mars Needs Moms Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The movie can look amazing at times
  • The scene on the Martian surface was very cool
  • It is cool how Dan Fogler is in the movie
  • While not great, it is not as bad as some people make out
  • Milo is not a very likable character
  • This is just a very average movie that you will watch once and probably never again
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