The Polar Express

Robert Zemcik’s The Polar Express stands to be one of the most fabled animated movies made in the Hollywood film industry. The film is formerly adapted from a 1985s children’s book of the same title written by Chris Vann Allsburg.

The film’s realization stunned many as ordinarily in the early 2000s animated films were not fixated on as much as the live-action films. The film made its debut in 2004 and bewildered many fans and critics. The film was allotted an extensive amount of budget which broke records at that time.

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You can stream it or you can download The Polar Express from your favorite digital store by clicking the Download button located below this review. If you like Christmas movies, check out also The Nightmare Before Christmas or Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch.

The Movie Review

Cast and Crew

The hardworking and reputable Robert Zemcik directed the film and as widely known for his staggering skills as a visual effect innovator he produced a worthwhile film for the industry. Working alongside him were Steve Starkey, Gary Goetzman, and William Teitler who worked as producers for the film.

Voice acting for the characters was compassed by famed actors of that time including Tom Hanks who played an iconic role in the film and enthralled many. Other major actors for the film included Daryl Sabara who was an acknowledged actor for films made for the lower age group.

Various other actors such as Eddie Deezen, Nona Gaye, Peter Scolari also performed their parts quite decently enough. The list also includes Michael Jeter who made his last appearance in the film and died before the release of the film.


The plot for the film goes around a boy who finds himself Infront of a gigantic locomotive in the middle of a snowy night. A conductor voiced by Tom Hanks comes off the train which is named The Polar Express and invites the boy, who is portrayed by Daryal Sabara, to an expedition to the North Pole, while hardly believing and being reluctant he goes off getting aboard on the train. He meets a bright girl voiced by Nona Gaye and an overconfident know-it-all boy voiced by Eddie Deezen.

The train then picks up another boy named Billy portrayed by Jimmy Bennett who sits alone on the train. The girl forgets to get her ticket punched, which flies into the train’s vents, and after reappearing it vanishes into an outback upon asking by the conductor when the girl is unable to find her ticket, she is escorted to the rear of the train by the conductor. The hero boy retrieves the ticket and searches for the conductor where he crosses away with a hobo on the roof of the train and discusses ghosts and Santa. The girl is later found to be aiding in the driving of the locomotive while the operating staff was replacing the headlight of the train.

While the train was speeding in its full throttle the split pin of the train gets broken and the train slides uncontrollably on a frozen lake, the train crew fixes the pin and straightens the train before the ice breaks. Upon reaching the North Pole the boy, girl, and Billy run into unforeseen trouble as Billy uncouples the car and they end up in Santa’s workshop with clearing further troubles they make it out and comes across Santa on his reindeer.

The boy gets his grasp on a bell loosened from Santa’s reindeer and Santa allows him to keep it as his gift. The children board the train and are escorted back to their homes. In the morning the hero boy fails to find the bell in his robe and on Christmas morning he finds his lost bell in his present.


While the film wasn’t the best Christmas movie that I’d seen personally, it was still a unique little film. The animation in this film, especially at the time was revolutionary due to it being coupled with motion capture. The film had its ups and downs but ended up being a mediocre film for the critics but received appreciation from the age group of children who found the film entertaining. There’s definitely more good than bad here.

The Polar Express
The Polar Express is an animated fantasy film with a Christmas theme. Download it now and let yourself to be taken back in time to 1995.


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