Mindhunter is a fantastic crime thriller series from Netflix. There are only two seasons of the show as a potential third season ended up getting canned before it even started. Still, this is a great and gripping show that is perfect to watch if you want a crime drama that is set in a time before we had all this fancy technology that we have now.

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The premise of Mindhunter is something that intrigued me as soon as I heard about it. What we have here is the formation and the early days of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. This special team is set up at the FBI training headquarters in Quantico and at first, many people see this thing as a bit of a joke and pointless.

Making up the team is two FBI agents. We have young Holden Ford who has all these bright ideas and a real spring in his step and we also have older, grizzled Bill Tench who is there to keep this new unit right on track. I think they make for a very interesting pairing and seeing their relationship grow and then start to trust and like each other is something I liked.

These guys are not alone as they are also joined by psychologist Wendy Carr. The idea of this unit is to interview serial killers and get an idea of why they did the things that they did. There are many in the FBI who see this as a waste of time and think that the unit does not need to exist.

However, Holden especially feels that getting into the minds of these serial killers can help them with current cases that are happening now. I really do think that this is a great premise for a show and the show is at its best when we have them actually interviewing real-life serial killers trying to get into their heads and also get “expertise” on some of the current crimes that the FBI is dealing with right now.

As well as the actual FBI stuff, we do get a bit more personal with our three leads as we see their home life and how things are going well and not so well there. I think the stuff with Bill and his wife and son was the most interesting part of the whole “family drama” that Mindhunter offered.

I thought that the setting of the show was really cool. The show takes place from 1977 until 1981 and we get to see some pretty heavy hitters here. The likes of The Son of Sam, Wayne Williams, The BTK Killer, and Edmund Kemper are all very interesting to see and hear about. Anyone that has an interest in true crime stuff is sure to find this very interesting.

As you would expect about a show that is based around serial killers, Mindhunter can be a hard watch in some places, but if you are used to this type of show, it should be fine. I really wish that they made a third season. It felt like the third season was going to be about the team going after the BTK Killer full force. Still, the second season does not end on a massive cliffhanger so you will not be super annoyed that the show did not get renewed.

Mindhunter is a two-season, 19 episodes long psychological crime thriller TV series. Download it now and have a great time watching FBI agents in action.
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