When Netflix started offering movie and television streaming in 2007, it revolutionized the way we consumed media. Instead of leaving the house to rent a movie or waiting for a television show to air, we could quickly access thousands of entertainment titles.

Since its inception, the Netflix platform has gone on to earn great success, thanks to helpful features and great content. With over 130 million paid subscribers, Netflix has asserted itself as the dominant streaming platform. It’s great for watching and downloading your favorite movies and TV shows whenever you want, and the selection of content continuously gets better.

How to Download the Netflix App

You can download the Netflix App from Google Play or Apple App Store. To begin, click on the Download button below the review.

The App Review

Besides getting instant access to thousands of films and TV shows, Netflix allows users to download films for free. Regardless of what subscription package you choose, you’ll be able to download up to 100 items at a time.

Downloaded items can be played on modern computers, as well as Apple and Android mobile phones. There are three distinct subscription packages you can choose, which determine how many devices you can download to and the quality of the download.

The basic plan costs roughly $9, and will allow you to download standard definition films and shows to one device. The standard plan is $12, and lets you download high definition content to two different devices. Finally, the premium plan costs $16, and lets users download high definition and 4K content to four unique devices.

Although not every movie or show can be downloaded (for example you cannot download the interactive story Black Mirror: Bandersnatch), the mass majority of Netflix’s most popular content can be.

Netflix has an absolutely packed library of media, spanning the entire history of film. You can check out classic comedies like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, or dig into a modern Oscar-nominee like Roma.

There’s a huge selection of films across all genres, including horror, action, drama, and many others. If you’re a fan of television, Netflix also has you covered. The service includes several syndicated shows like Friends and The Office, as well as Netflix Originals like The Haunting of Hill House, Big Mouth or Bird Box.

The available titles are constantly shifting, with new movies and shows appearing every week. There are also huge holiday celebrations, so you’ll have no trouble finding a scary movie during Halloween! Overall, Netflix’s library of content is so varied and vast that you’ll have no problem finding hundreds of things to watch.

Generally speaking, Netflix is the best option for streaming and downloading movies available. There are other streaming platforms with competitive prices, but few offer the range of content that Netflix does. The option to download ultra-high-definition content is awesome, and a feature we highly recommend.

The prices have slowly risen over the past few years, but with higher prices comes better quality, a more consistent connection, and more original content.

Netflix has not only changed the entertainment industry permanently, but it’s also given us some of the best original content we’ve seen in years.

Netflix provides you with an application that lets you download movies and watch them while offline. Download it to enjoy movies while you're on the road.
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Netflix App Review Summary

  • Every subscription plan lets users download up to 100 movies at a time
  • Netflix Original content is consistently enjoyable and of high production quality
  • The vast library of movies and shows ensures you'll never grow bored
  • Prices are slightly more expensive than other streaming platforms
  • You'll need to buy at least a standard plan to access high definition content
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