Minority Report

There aren’t many artists who have swooned audiences as successfully as Tom Cruise. Tom’s been a veteran of the motion picture industry and has done films of all kinds. Whether it’s action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, or even realistic character dramas like Rain Man, you name it, he’s done it. Minority Report is one of those films that Tom’s done in his acclaimed Hollywood career that has somehow become forgotten in the face of newer science fiction movies. So, does the film stand tall amidst the competition, or has it truly become outdated, let us review!

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The Movie Review

The year is 2054, human surveillance systems have technologically become so advanced that they can detect crimes way before they’re even committed. This is known as the PreCrime effect and is done by people called PreCogs who do this research analysis. One day, however, John Anderton, the program’s commanding officer will commit the murder of a man named Leo Crowe. With 36 hours left on the clock, Anderton sets out to prove his innocence.

Directed by none other than the great Sir Steven Spielberg, right when the film starts we know we’re in for some exceptionally thrilling science fiction. Spielberg does something that was very hard at that time. He combined thought-provoking ideas with a high-octane action and thriller adventure film. The premise is unique, and the way he portrays these characters is even more unique. You don’t really trust or even understand John in the film, but everything becomes clearer with time in the film.

Steven’s direction is fundamentally important to the film, as he explores the nuances that free will has and that determinism does not. The concepts in the film are fairly unique, yet they still have a Hollywood feel that makes this film an accessible watch for everybody.

The film is fast, it doesn’t waste time lingering on the subjects that it presents onscreen. Instead, it focuses on the themes and the thematic messages that Steven is trying to portray about human free will and the power and corruption of surveillance.

The performances here are standout too. Tom Cruise was turning into an actual icon in the industry at this time and this film only boosted that process. The way Tom portrays John Anderton’s dilemma in regards to free will versus determinism as concepts is beautiful. Other actors such as the incredible Collin Farrell as Danny Witwer, Max von Sydow as Director Lamar Burgess, Samantha Morton as Agatha Lively, and Steve Harris as Jad Watson are also amazing performers here.

The one area in which this film lacks a bit is that it looks exactly like a high-budget, Hollywood film that Spielberg would make. While its premise and story are highly unique, the action is super-well choreographed; the film itself isn’t highly stylized and looks like a typical blockbuster. Though the soundtrack is an absolute killer though, and that soundtrack alone makes this film worth a watch.

The Bottom Line

This is a film that manages to be a great action thriller, while also having an extremely unique premise that defies many other thematic explorations of the same topics. This is a movie with great action and amazing action choreography, some decent set pieces, and a really unique storyline. In conclusion, director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Cruise had come completely alive in Minority Report, with the rest of the cast and crew, and legendary music composer John Williams also giving their best effort.

They have managed to create a meaningful piece of cinema that will be relevant even more in today’s standards than it was back in 2002.

Minority Report
Minority Report is a 2002 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. Download it now and watch Tom cruise in action.
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