Mission: Impossible

Mission Impossible is an action/spy film based on the television show from the 1960s and 1980s, focusing on the operations of the secret government group, the Impossible Missions Force. The film is directed by Brian De Palma, a celebrated director best known for his work on classic films like Scarface and Carrie. This film kicked off the wildly successful Mission Impossible film franchise, which still has new films releasing nearly 25 years later.

This initial film primarily focuses on Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), a young yet experienced agent who finds himself in the middle of a deadly scheme. Forced to rely on his gut instinct and extensive training, Ethan must navigate the treacherous waters of international politics and espionage if he hopes to survive. Consistently thrilling and packed with plenty of action scenes, Mission Impossible is easily one of the most iconic spy films ever made.

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The Movie Review

Mission Impossible kicks off with Ethan Hunt and several other spies executing an operation led by their commander, Jim Phelps (Jon Voight). Hunt and the rest are members of a top-secret government organization known as the IMF, carrying out missions of the highest confidential level. Working on an assignment at the American embassy in the Czech Republic, Hunt and his team attempt to apprehend a rogue agent and stop the transfer of exceptionally classified intel.

Unfortunately, the mission goes horribly wrong, with many of the team members dying outright. Hunt, confused and blamed for his team’s deaths, finds himself disavowed from the IMF and on the run. Eager to prove his innocence, Hunt sets up for another massive heist.

Although Ethan is plenty skilled on his own, many of the missions he carries out require a significantly skilled crew. He employs the assistance of his surviving colleague Claire (Emmanuelle Beart), a deadly pilot named Krieger (Jean Reno), and a skilled hacker named Luther (Ving Rhames).

Working in tandem, the group pulls off some iconic heists which are full of tension and suspense. Mission Impossible also contains a handful of more traditional action scenes, so those looking for fire and explosions will also be satiated. That said, Mission Impossible is often more serious and character-driven than other spy films, adding some emotional weight to death and violence.

For the most part, Mission Impossible succeeds within its storytelling, offering a wild journey packed with intrigue, double-crosses, and a smattering of surprises. The movie can feel a bit cliché at points, especially when it comes to the awkward and unbelievable romance, but this is hardly the biggest issue with the narrative. The most obvious problem comes from the inclusion of “advanced technology” and uninspired hacking sequences, which are laughable when compared to modern electronics.

Furthermore, the story lacks a compelling antagonistic force for most of the experience, making Ethan’s adventure seem a bit one-sided. Some of the end-film action scenes get a bit ridiculous too, stretching the viewer’s suspension of disbelief.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of action films or other spy films like the James Bond franchise, Mission Impossible is well worth your time and attention. Despite a handful of silly plot devices and some exaggerated performances, the film’s story and characters still hold up to this day. While the original isn’t as bombastic as some of the more modern sequels, the first Mission Impossible movie is still plenty of fun.

Like any great heist film, Mission Impossible leads the viewer on a wild ride with lots of movie parts, sub-plots, and characters. It’s the compelling mystery, high-quality cast, and realistic tone that makes Mission Impossible stand out.

Mission: Impossible
Mission: Impossible is a 1996 spy movie that started a long-lasting series. Download it now and watch Tom Cruise in action.
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Mission: Impossible Review Summary

  • Tom Cruise delivers a great performance
  • Lots of suspension and tension
  • Believable action and violence
  • Outdated gadgets and technology
  • Some unintentionally silly moments
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