Spy Movies

True Lies


The biggest issue I’ve had with action comedy films is that they take themselves too seriously nowadays. These films are meant to entertain the audience rather than deliver a big message. These films ...



Because of my son (who was a few years younger at the time), G-Force is one of those movies that I have probably seen 100 times! While it was not exactly the biggest box office success or a critical ...

The Hunt for Red October


Action thrillers in the 90s were a completely different beast, we had films that deep-dived into some of the most gruesome and authentic action set pieces we could have ever gotten. The Hunt for Red ...

Austin Powers in Goldmember


What can one say about the Austin Powers franchise that hasn't been said already? It's a comedy film franchise that redefined what a parody could be. It was to spy films what Monty Python and The ...

The 355


I know that The 355 did not exactly set the critical or commercial cinema world on fire, but I actually thought it was an ok movie and not as bad as many people out there are making out. It is an ...

The King’s Man


Matthew Vaughn is back for the third installment of his awesome Kingsman series with, The King's Man. The King's Man is a prequel that aims to show us how this organization came to be and build the ...

No Time to Die


No Time to Die is one of those movies that I feel like I should have seen about a million years ago! Thanks to Covid-19, Universal had to move the date numerous times before finally releasing the ...