Spy Movies

Casino Royale


The James Bond franchise remains one of the longest living film franchises of all time. It's seen many changes over the decades, with a good bunch of aspects still remaining static. The filmmakers, ...



When you think about influential franchises that completely changed the way a specific genre navigates through its stylistic and format decisions; the Bond franchise is what drastically altered our ...



What can I say about James Bond as a character, that has never been said before? He's a character that has been here for more than half a century and he remains relevant to this day. There must be ...

Mission: Impossible III


Mission Impossible III is an action/adventure movie and is the third film in the Mission Impossible film franchise. The movie is directed by J.J. Abrams, most well known for his work on films like ...

Mission: Impossible 2


Mission Impossible 2 is an action/spy film originally released in 2000 and is a sequel to the first Mission Impossible film from 1994. Unlike the first movie, Mission Impossible 2 is directed by John ...

Mission: Impossible


Mission Impossible is an action/spy film based on the television show from the 1960s and 1980s, focusing on the operations of the secret government group, the Impossible Missions Force. The film is ...



Tenet was supposed to be the great savior of cinema. It was the first big movie to be released into theaters to try and get butts back in seats. It is another movie from the brain of Christopher ...

Johnny English Reborn


Johnny English Reborn is a 2011 action-comedy directed by Oliver Parker and is a sequel to the 2003 parody film, Johnny English. Taking place several years after the events of the first film, Reborn ...