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I know that The 355 did not exactly set the critical or commercial cinema world on fire, but I actually thought it was an ok movie and not as bad as many people out there are making out. It is an action spy thriller with a female-centric cast and it is directed by Simon Kinberg.

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There is a great ensemble cast in The 355. We have Jessica Chastain who is fantastic as an action star by the way. There is also, Lupita Nyong’o who was my favorite character, she is like a tech/brains kind of team member, but when she kicks some ass, it really is awesome!

There is also Diane Kruger, who I would say comes real close to Jessica Chastain as the badass of this movie. We have Penelope Cruz rounding off the team and she is probably the weak link. Her performance is great, but her character who is not someone that is used to being in action is one of my least favorite parts of the movie.

Overall, this cast of ladies is great and they are joined by the likes of Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez. The plot of the movie is something that sounds like a lot of fun on paper. We have an elite team of four female agents, each one from a different country. They need to work together to stop a terror threat that could start World War III.

What the ladies are looking for is a piece of tech. This tech has the ability to target anything that is online and in the wrong hands, it is going to be devastating. The movie has the team going all over the world and I think that it does look great. It starts off well enough and the first half of the movie has some amazing action sequences and an epic chase too.

There were some times when I was watching this I was like “hell yeah, this is great”. When the movie is moving fast and guns are blazing, feet are flying and people are getting hurt, it is awesome. However, there is very little character development here, no unexpected twists and the whole thing just feels very by the numbers if you know what I mean.

I felt that three of the ladies had characters that I think could have been very interesting, but we do not get enough of this. It is not as if the movie is only 90 minutes either, it comes in at around two hours and I feel more character development was needed. Also, the whole Penelope Cruz not being able to fight thing was so lame, that you expected her to start throwing feet and fists and actually be a badass!

I get the impression that they thought this movie was going to be a huge deal as it feels like a movie that is designed to be the start of a franchise. I have to say that I did not hate the movie and if it does get a sequel, I would be interested enough to check it out. I would not say it is worth making the effort to see this in the theatre, but when it comes to streaming, give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

The 355
The 355 is a spy film from 2020 that tells the story of female spies teaming up to save the world. Download it when it is available online.
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