Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre

Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre was a real disappointment for me! I love Jason Statham (F9, The Meg, The Expandables 3) and Guy Ritchie as a team, but this action comedy just fell flat. I was really bummed out too as the trailer looked fantastic and I am a big fan of when Jason Statham is just being Jason Statham in a movie and that is what I was sure this was offering and it kind of is.

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As well as Jason Statham, we have a fantastic cast in this movie. I have loved Aubrey Plaza since her days in Parks and Recreation, Hugh Grant, Josh Hartnett, and Carey Elwes are all actors that I have enjoyed a great deal over the years so the talent in front of and behind the camera is certainly there.

The plot of the movie is a lot of fun, we have an action spy thriller comedy that on paper should be awesome! We have this high-tech device that is called, the Handle and it has been stolen and is about to be sold on the black market to the highest bidder which is, of course, a bad thing.

The UK government has put super spy Orson Fortune (Statham) in charge of getting it back before arms dealer Greg Simonds can sell it and it ends up in the wrong hands. By the way, I have to say that I am loving how Hugh Grant has been getting cast more and more as a villain as he is so much fun and he is kind of like that here which I liked.

Fortune puts together his own team of people to try and crack this case and get the Handle back. However, the twist is that Fortune has managed to get premier actor, Danny Francesco to help as Simonds is a huge fan of his. I loved this and thought it was a fun idea, but it kind of fell flat, even though Josh Hartnett was clearly trying his best.

Look, as I write this, I realize that this sounds like a movie that should have been just so much fun and it certainly does have its moments. However, I do have to say that for the most part, this is a movie that is just “ok”. It is certainly not a bad movie, but it is not a great one either and I must admit the awesome pizza I had after it was the highlight of the night for me.

I think I may give it another try when it hits streaming. As I said, I like the cast and the premise of what they are trying to do so perhaps on a second viewing it will click with me more. As of now, I have to be honest and say that I am not sure this is one that is worth spending the money on a cinema ticket to go and check out. This is a movie where I feel like it shows off its best bits in the trailer!

Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre
Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre is a spy comedy from 2023. Download it and follow the story of a spy who needs to prevent a tech device from falling into the wrong hands.
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Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Some of the action scenes were fun
  • It has a fun cast
  • Jason Statham is being typical Jason Statham here which is always fun
  • Hugh Grant was clearly having a great time making this
  • The whole movie is average in pretty much every way
  • I kind of felt like I wasted money on the cinema ticket while watching this!
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