The Meg

The Meg is a science fiction thriller film produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, Gravity Pictures, Flagship Entertainment, Apelles Entertainment, Di Bonaventura Pictures, and Maeday Productions. Released on 10th August 2018, the film is directed by Jon Turteltaub as it features a cast consisting of Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, and Cliff Curtis.

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The giant shark thriller The Meg can be pre-ordered and then streamed or downloaded from iTunes. To begin click on the Download button at the end of the review. You can expect the film to have several language versions and subtitles, as well as HD or perhaps even 4K quality. Meanwhile, watch the trailer or buy your tickets online.

The Film Review

The Meg starts off as we get to see a rescue diver named Jonas Taylor trying to save a group of scientists in a nuclear submarine. Before he could save all of the scientists, a large creature appears which kills most of his crew stuck in the submarine.

Five years later, Dr. Minway Zhang along with his daughter Suyin are conducting research to explore the depths of Marianas Trench. During the mission, the creature appears once again and attacks the submarine which makes it lose contact with the headquarter research facility called Mana One.

Despite concerns by Dr. Heller, the crew still manages to contact Taylor to help who agrees. Taylor goes for the trapped submarine and manages to save Lori and The Wall at the cost of Toshi, who sacrifices himself when the creature appears. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the creature is a Megalodon who, due to a hole in the thermocline, has escaped.

The group decides to poison and kill the megalodon in order to prevent any further deaths. Consequently, they succeed until an even bigger megalodon shows up and devours the smaller one, killing The Wall, Heller, and Dr. Zhang with it. Jack Morris, who sponsored the Mana One tries to kill the megalodon himself by going on a boat only to get eaten by it, resulting in his death.

The large megalodon targets a crowded beach and manages to kill several people. The Mana One crew projects an audio of a whale call, thereby diverting its attention. Taylor uses this opportunity to pierce the megalodon by ramming the submarine into its stomach, after which he stabs its eye with a poisonous blade, consequently killing the monster once and for all.

Apart from its talented cast and jaw-dropping action scenes, The Meg has been praised a lot in terms of its visual effects. The main companies involved in making the magic happen include Double Negative, Image Engine Design, Instinctual VFX, ScanlineVFX, Soho VFX, and Sony Pictures Imageworks. One of the most surprising aspects of the film revealed was that most of the action underwater was shot completely using Computer Graphics. According to the film’s visual effects supervisor Adrian De Wet, most of the underwater scenes were shot in a fake tank and by replacing the background of that particular scene, the animators were able to create a lifelike ocean.

Apart from that, the main score for this film was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and is available to listen to at Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes.

Overall, The Meg is exactly the kind of action movie that is to be expected from the likes of Jason Statham. The film has so far managed to gross over $151 million in only 5 days after its initial release! Although some of the fans have criticized the quality of acting displaying, nevertheless, the action in this film speaks louder than words!

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