How anyone can hate the 2015 action comedy Spy a negative review is beyond me! I love Paul Feig (well except his garbage Ghostbusters movie) and Spy is my favorite movie of his…., yes, I love this just a little bit more than Bridesmaids. This is such a great action comedy and a fantastic spoof of the spy genre.

How to Download Spy

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The Movie Review

I know that many people love this movie, but those who hate it seem to really hate it and I just do not understand why! This is an action comedy that is made with poking fun at spy and action movies in mind! How you can say that it does not achieve, heck I would say overachieving in that regard is something I will never get!

Meet the Main Character

Our main character is a CIA desk agent called Susan Cooper played by Melissa McCarthy. This is my favorite Melissa McCarthy role, she is having so much fun with this. Susan is great at her job and is the “man in the chair” for the super spy, Bradley Fine (the very charming Jude Law) she is truly great at her job and she loves Bradley.

The Disappearance of Bradley

While on a dangerous mission, Bradley goes MIA and some of the top agents in the CIA have their cover/identities compromised including the macho Rick Ford who is played by Jason Statham. Worst of all, Bradley was hot on the heels of this big arms deal that could see the ultimate war chest that could decimate the world fall into the wrong hands!

Meet the Supervillain

A supervillain called Rayana Boyanov is the one pulling all the strings here and she needs to be brought down! Rayana is played by Rose Byrne and she is so good as the villain here. She is completely over the top and even when she is being dangerous and evil, she manages to get a smile out of me. Of course, the fact, that Rose Byrne is easy on the eyes does not hurt things either.

Susan’s Unexpected Mission

It is decided by the agency that they need to get someone to infiltrate this operation to stop a global disaster before it can happen. Turns out that Susan was quite the badass agent during her training days and she is the one who is going to be sent into the field, much to the disgust of agent Rick Ford.

Memorable Characters

While the crazy save the world spy caper that makes up the plot of Spy is great, it is the characters that make this such a fun movie. Melissa McCarthy and her friend Nancy (played by Miranda Hart who I usually cannot stand!) have fantastic chemistry together and seeing Melissa embrace her spy badass side is a blast.

Jason Statham’s Hilarious Role

However, the absolute show stealer in Spy is Jason Statham. You know how people say that Jason Statham just plays Jason Statham in every movie he is in? Well, he embraces that here and we get the most over-the-top Jason Statham you have ever seen. His war stories that he tells Susan are freaking hilarious and a major highlight of the movie. This is my favorite Jason Statham performance of all time it is that good.

A Movie for Everyone

You do not have to like action or spy movies to have fun with Spy. This is right in the top tier of action comedies that have been released in the last decade. I know that we all love different movies, but I cannot fathom how this has over 50 1-star reviews on IMDB! This is a movie that I can watch anytime and always have a great time and a huge smile on my face when it is done.

Spy is a hilarious spy spoof starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham. Download it for some action-packed laughs.
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Spy Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Jason Statham is the most over-the-top he has ever been here
  • While this is a comedy, it has some exciting and awesome action scenes
  • Jason Statham’s stories that he tells are so funny!
  • This is one of the best action comedies ever made
  • For whatever reason some people hate this movie which I just do not get!
  • Here in the UK where I live there is no 4K release of Spy
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