Money Heist

Money Heist is a Spanish TV series that was showcased to the world thanks to Netflix. While Netflix did not “create” the series, they certainly got it out to the rest of the world. While the show is in Spanish, it does have a dubbed track on Netflix and the dubbing is actually very well done.

How to Stream or Download Money Heist (TV series)

To stream or to download the series from Netflix, get the Netflix app and visit the series website by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. If you like heist films, check out also Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean;’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, and Ocean’s 8.

The Movie Review

This may sound crazy, but I do think that the 00s have been a real golden era for the heist genre and I would put Money Heist close to the top in general and certainly at the top of heist TV shows. From the setup, the execution, and the fallout, each part of the first two seasons (and nearly the third) has you on the edge of your seat.

The premise of Money Heist centers around a man known as The Professor. The Professor “hires” a bunch of robbers and each one is named after a city. The show is narrated by the character Tokyo, one of the people The Professor hires to be part of his master team of thieves.

Each member of this team has their own back story, motivations, and so on and the show does a good job of getting into this. I do have to say that I feel the first season of the show is the best. We have The Professor and his team taking over the Spanish Mint where they plan a heist that will get them the better part of a billion euros!

The twist here is that they do not just storm in and take it all. They have to stay there for a while, printing the money and dealing with hostages as well as the authorities that want to take them down. It is truly fantastic stuff and it is so good, that you will end up going from one episode to the next.

I liked how we got to see the fallout and then the second season brought the Professor back and the team for a new heist, this time the Bank of Spain is the target. I think that the first two seasons really are something special and then the third season which is when Netflix well and truly took over is not quite as good, but still good enough to be enjoyable.

One of the things that I do have to say is pretty awesome is that there is a good mix of female and male characters in Money Heist. It does this without it being forceful and each character is here for a specific reason and feels like they matter to the show. Even with me watching the dubbed version, the performances were great and I certainly did find myself connecting to some characters in a pretty big way, but no spoilers here.

This is a show that could not be any easier for me to recommend to you guys. If you like heist and crime dramas, few are better than Money Heist. I know that some people are not as keen on the third season and I will admit, I liked the first two better. It is still an overall fantastic show and one that you will certainly get hooked on and end up binge-watching!

Money Heist (TV series)
Money Heist, known originally as La casa de papel, is a Spanish crime TV series about a group of individuals who want to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Download it now.
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