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The films Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University are two of my favorite Disney movies! So, when Disney was showing off what titles were coming to Disney Plus, on the Pixar side of things, Monsters at Work was the one that got me most excited. This is a show that felt like it took forever to come out, but with the first season done and dusted and a second coming next year, I thought I would revisit the show for a second time

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The Movie Review

One of the best things about Monsters at Work is that they managed to get the major cast back for the show. This means that we have John Goodman as Sully and Billy Crystal as Mike, along with some other fun and notable other actors making their return. The old cast is great and they blend very well with the new cast.

The new voice cast here is great. I got a real kick out of Ben Feldman voicing the lead character, Tylor as I loved his work in Superstore. Mindy Kaling, Alanna Ubach, Lucas Neff, and even The Fonz, Henry Winkler are in this show too and they are all fantastic in their own way.

The show is a sequel to Monsters Inc which I think was a very neat premise. Monsters Inc is moving on after the events of the movie and is now focusing on using laugh power rather than scare power. I really do think that they have a very clever idea with the way that they are telling the story of Monsters at Work.

You see, Tylor is a brand-new recruit that was hired before Mr. Waternoose was fried in disgrace after the events of Monsters Inc. Tylor shows up thinking that he will be working with his hero, Sully, and learning to be the ultimate scarer. Yet, things do not go as he had hoped.

As he is a “scarer” he is not needed on the former scare floor, which is now known as the laughter floor. Instead, Tylor is sent down to the Facilities Team to work with the maintenance crew down there. To say he is not prepared for this is a massive understatement and him trying to fit in with this new crew is where much of the comedy of the show comes from.

Trying to see Tylor find his place at this new Monsters Inc is a lot of fun. However, there is also a serious side to things as well, as Monsters Inc is not generating enough power and is in danger of being closed! Thankfully, Tylor and his crew do have a way that they could help make this not happen.

I have to say that I preferred watching Monsters at Work the second time around. This was a show that was way more fun being able to binge-watch it than it was waiting a week for a new episode. The humor is great and I think it is a show that just like the two movies that it is based on, appeals to people of all ages.

Monsters at Work
Monsters at Work is an animated TV series that belongs to the popular Monsters, Inc. franchise that originated in 2001. Download it now and have fun.
8.5 Total Score
Monsters at Work Review Summary

  • As a sequel to the events of Monsters Inc, it works very well
  • The animation and whole look of the show are incredible and “movie quality” good
  • There is a fun new voice cast mixed with those that we know and love
  • The show appeals to people of all ages
  • I think it works better as a show to binge-watch than the one-episode a-week thing
  • The chances of Disney releasing this on DVD/Blu-Ray are slim to none
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