Monsters University

Monsters University is an animated comedy film produced by Walt Disney and Pixar Animation. This was the 14th feature film that was produced by Pixar and is a prequel to Monsters, Inc. (2001). Monsters University is directed by Dan Scanlon and features Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Helen Mirren, and Peter Sohn as the main voice cast.

How to Stream or Download Monsters University

You can stream and watch the full movie online after having downloaded it from iTunes. Monsters University can be streamed or it can be downloaded in either SD or HD quality. It’s worth to know that audio and subtitles are available in several languages.

The Film Review

Released on 5th June 2013, this film brings us the story of Mike Wazowski and James. P. Sulley before they joined Monsters Inc., as they can be seen as 1st-year university students at Monsters University. The film portrays Mike as a hardworking individual who has risen from the bottom whereas Sulley makes use of his elite family background but lacks skills.

The two become friends, however, a fight breaks out between them at the semester’s final exam which causes them to accidentally break Dean Abigail Hardscrabble’s precious scream can. Consequently, Hardscrabble fails both Sulley and Mike, while also kicking Sulley out of the university’s strongest society called Roar Omega Roar. Mike challenges Hardscrabble that if they can beat Roar Omega Roar at the upcoming Scare Games, they get to be reinstated. Hardscrabble accepts but on the condition that if they fail, they will be expelled. Mike and Sulley join the university’s weakest society, Oozma Kappa, to compete.

After minor setbacks, Oozma Kappa manages to win but only after finding out that Sulley cheated. Mike, determined to prove his worth, travels to the human world where he tries to scare teenagers but fails. Hardscrabble finds out and sends the authorities over meanwhile, Sulley manages to sneak into the human world. The two then come up with a plan in which they succeed in scaring the humans enough to gather the energy they need to travel back.

Ultimately, both Sulley and Mike expelled after which, they eventually work their way through again to make a comeback.

Monsters University is the first Pixar film which used a new lighting system called Global Illumination. Before this system was introduced, animators would have to manually draw reflections and shadows of characters whereas, Global Illumination used path tracing, a technique that mimics the behavior of light in reality. This basically made the whole process of animation much easier compared to before.

Moving on to the plot and storyline, the filmmakers visited several renowned universities including Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Alabama. The main purpose of this was to conduct research and observe the overall structure and architecture of universities which could be further implied in the film. The filmmakers went as far as spending several weeks in fraternity houses to research fraternity life and its overall environment.

Monsters University Music

The music for Monsters University was composed by Randy Newman, a familiar personality for Pixar and Disney who has composed songs for many of their previous films.

The Summary

Overall, Monsters University has turned out to be a very successful prequel to the original Monsters, Inc. The film grossed over $744 million at the box office, making it the 12th highest grossing animated film of all time. The film is full of adventure and comedy, which makes it perfect to watch with friends and family.

Monsters University
Monsters University is the prequel to the acclaimled Monsters Inc.. Download it and see how the scary protagonists learn their craft.
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