Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Mr. Bean’s Holiday is another adaptation of the British sitcom, Mr. Bean, which originally aired in the early 90s. It also acts as a sequel to the Bean movie from 1997. This lighthearted family-friendly adventure follows the titular character Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson), a simple man just trying his best to live an ordinary life.

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The Movie Review

Although he means well, Mr. Bean often winds up in peculiar and awkward situations, mostly due to his own ignorance or dim-witted nature. In the film, Mr. Bean is gearing up for a big holiday abroad after winning a holiday package that includes a trip to France, as well as a fancy new video camera. As Bean sets out on his hopefully relaxing vacation, he encounters problem after problem. Like the show it’s based on, Mr. Bean’s Holiday is a fun and silly journey through the French countryside that’s great for audiences of all ages.

At the beginning of the film, Mr. Bean rejoices after he luckily wins an expensive vacation package in a raffle. Content with his lucky turn, Mr. Bean flips on his newly won video camera and begins to document his journey to the romantic and beautiful country of France. Per usual, Mr. Bean causes problems for himself, causing a ruckus at a nearby seafood restaurant.

When he finally boards the train to Cannes, an unfortunate mix-up leaves him supervising Stepan (Max Baldry), the young son of an esteemed film director who has been left behind on the train platform. His luck only gets worse from there, and after losing some important documents and getting thrown off the train, he must find a way to reach Cannes and keep Stepan safe.

Unlike the first Bean movie, Mr. Bean’s Holiday is generally more lighthearted and positive in tone. The film often prefers slapstick humor and silly gags to risque or suggestive humor, making it a great film for family movie nights. Mr. Bean is a character that is undoubtedly endearing to everyone regardless of age, so adults should find him just as funny as kids.

The inclusion of Stepan as a side-kick  character adds a sort of buddy-comedy tone to the movie as well, with Mr. Bean and Stepan often having the same mental acuity. There’s a good variety in both the scene settings and gags, with Mr. Bean’s video camera acting as a fun focal point of the movie. The story also heavily features the Cannes Film Festival, so film-buffs should get a kick out of that plot element.

Whether you’ve got some nostalgia for the original Mr. Bean show or you’re just trying to kick back with a silly comedy, Mr. Bean’s Holiday is a great pick. The classic character of Mr. Bean never really gets old, even if the jokes can be repetitive from time to time.

The feel-good tone of the story and the general meta-humor involving film provides a unique twist, so there’s more than just general slapstick humor to be had. Fun actor cameos keep things refreshing and the brief run-time makes it a quick and enjoyable watch. If you’re looking for a classic comedy that’s great for the entire family, Mr. Bean’s Holiday should hit the mark.

Mr. Bean's Holiday
Mr. Bean's Holiday is a fantastic 2007 sequel to the 1997 comedy Bean. Download it now and have a wonderful evening.
9 Total Score
Mr. Bean's Holiday Review Summary

  • Quick and easy-to-watch
  • Lighthearted comedy and gags
  • Fun meta-humor
  • A bit childish in comparison to other Bean content
  • Story beats are repetitive
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