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Where I live Mr. Robot is actually an “Amazon Prime Original” however, it is one of those shows that is broadcasted all over the world by many different companies. What actually drew me to the show was the casting of Christian Slater who I have been a huge fan of for years now.

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I am going to try and be very careful as I talk about Mr. Robot as this is a thriller and mystery kind of show where the less you know about the plot and the characters the more fun you will have with it. There are four seasons to watch and in total there are 45 episodes so it is not a show that is asking for a massive commitment from you.

On a side note, I must admit that I much prefer how modern shows tend to have an 8 to 14 episode season over the 20 to 24 episodes per season we used to get. One of the things that people often rave about when talking about the show is the performance of Rami Malek who plays the main character of Elliot Anderson who lives in New York.

Elliot is a really weird dude! Elliot is a bit of a tech genius as he works in cyber security for a company called Allsafe. He is very socially awkward, suffers from depression, takes drugs, and is just a very strange kind of fellow. However, he is a master hacker and he hacks people to feel like he has some connection to other people. He is kind of a “good hacker” in many ways as he does try to help.

His antics put him on the radar of someone called, Mr. Robot who is played by Christian Slater. He is in charge of a team of hackers, anarchists, robin hood style hackers, or whatever you want to call them. Mr. Robot recruits Elliot to come and join him as they try to erase the world debt by going after the biggest corporation in the world, E Corp… who just so happens to have ties to Allsafe where Elliot works.

I really do not want to touch on much more of the story as it would spoil some of the twists and turns that happen. This is a show that I watched with my wife and we had just as much fun talking about our theories and who could and could not be trusted as we did watching the show.

While Rami Malek tends to get 99 percent of the praise this show receives. I have to say that this is a truly great ensemble style cast and you will find yourself liking and hating many characters during its four-season run. I certainly have my favorite, but to talk about them more would take us into spoiler territory.

I really do not think I have anything negative to say about this show. There is not a weak season in the entire show, if anything it just gets better and better all the way to its climax. If you love fast-paced shows that have action, drama, suspense, and danger, Mr. Robot is one of the best around.

Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot is a highly successful four-season TV series about a talented hacker. Download it now and enjoy the captivating plot.
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