Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

I have to be honest and say that Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris was not a movie I was excited to go and check out. However, my wife saw the trailer and thought that it looked amazing so we decided (more like I was told) to have a date night and check it out. To be fair, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris was a pretty fun movie and one that had a lot of heart and charm to it.

How to Download Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

You can download or stream the film from the Amazon Prime Video platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also Lesley Manville who plays Mrs. Harris in Maleficent and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil as Flittle, one of the Pixies.

The Movie Review

I had no clue about this movie before I saw the trailer, but it is based on a very popular novel. From what I understand, fans of the novel have said that this is a fun adaptation that captures the spirit of the original story quite well. Of course, being ignorant of the novel, I cannot share an opinion on that, but I did find myself more entertained than I thought I would.

Starting in London in the 1950s, Ada Harris is a cleaning lady who lost her husband during the war. While working for a client she comes across this gorgeous Dior dress and dreams of owning one herself. She decides that she will work really hard, save and go to Paris to get her own dream dress made. With a bit of luck, she manages to get the money she needs and she heads off to Paris.

In Paris, Ada heads to Dior and it is here that she meets Andre who shows her the new Dior collection and they become quite good friends. She also meets, Natasha who is a model for Dior and she becomes friendly with her too. I really liked Andre and Natasha and felt that despite being from a different world to Ada, they had a lot of chemistry.

Unfortunately for Ada, not everyone involved with Dior is happy for her to be there! Claudine who is the director is not happy that this “common” person is trying to get a Dior dress. However, things are not as good as they once were for Dior and as she is willing to pay cash, Claudine reluctantly agrees to make her a dress.

Andre has some great ideas to modernize Dior and get them back on track. Ada helps him make the company stand up and take notice of his modern ideas and he is very grateful for this. Ada gets her dress and heads back home to London, incredibly happy with her French adventure, but there is still more drama to come in regards to her dress, but no spoilers here.

I have to say that while I would not say that Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is usually my cup of tea, I thought that it was a fun watch. It is the perfect movie for a good date night and if my grumpy butt can enjoy it, so can yours. I think that the performances, especially, Lesley Manville as Ada Harris are what makes the movie so special and give it some real heart that makes you want to see everyone become happy.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a 2022 comedy-drama film that is based on a novel by Paul William Gallico (1897-1976) who was an American writer. Download it now.
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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Review Summary

  • I found the movie to have a lot of heart
  • There were some really funny moments
  • If you like the British sense of humor, you will get a kick out of this
  • In many ways, it has the feel of a classic 50s or 60s movie and I liked that
  • I have to be honest and say that I could not see myself watching this again
  • I did feel that the overall plot was a bit on the predictable side
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