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Ms. Marvel is a Disney Plus show from 2022 that is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I love the MCU and I actually do not think there is a bad show/movie in it, but I would still probably put Ms. Marvel towards the bottom of the list. It is not a bad show at all, but the pacing of it feels way off, but it ultimately ends with a tremendous season finale!

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The Movie Review

I will start with what I love about the show and that is Kamala Khan herself. Kalama is played by Iman Vellani and she is just so likable. Kamala is a huge superhero nerd and she idolizes Captain Marvel, she and one of her best friends Bruno want to go to an Avengers convention, but her strict mother says no.

Kamala dresses up in a cool costume and her costume is finished off by a cool and mystical-looking bangle that was left to her by her great grandmother. At the con, something goes wrong and Kamala realizes that she has superpowers! She is able to create “light” and she can use this to grab things, be stronger, and get to different places.

She causes a real storm and she decides (with Bruno’s help) that she is going to be a superhero and help out the people of New Jersey. Things quickly go bad as the Department of Damage Control is on her tail as well as a group of beings called Clandestines from another dimension led by a woman called Najma.

The Clandestines want to use Kamala’s powers to open up a portal so they can get back home, but this will destroy our world. Najma has a son called, Kamran who ultimately becomes an ally to Kamala and her friends. The overall plot of the show is ok, but what I enjoyed most about it was the way it dealt with Indian culture. Talking about the Partition of India and the various cultural aspects of the show were all things that I found fascinating.

Ms. Marvel is one of those shows that certainly gets better as it goes on. Once Kamala makes it to India, the last couple of episodes are quite fantastic and I do think that the series finale is one of the better ones. The way that they have changed Kamala’s powers and what she is did not bother me as I can see it having a fantastic payoff later in the MCU.

I know that Kamala is a 16-year-old girl, but the teenage drama that the show has running throughout it does verge on being a tad too much. I think the fact that she is a Muslim so it is not 100 percent your typical, American teenage drama, and the show does manage to save this part of the show.

Is Ms. Marvel a good show? I would have to say that it is, but I think the first few episodes are not that great. It gets better as it goes on and I am quite excited to see Kamala back in The Marvels when it is released next year. If you struggle to get past those first two episodes, stick with it as it really does pick up, and as I said, the finale is quite excellent.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel is a superhero TV series about a 16-year-old girl who one day gains superpowers. Download it now and have a good time.
7.5 Total Score
Ms. Marvel Review Summary

  • It is impossible not to like Kamala Khan!
  • The visual effects of her powers are very well done
  • I really enjoyed the way the show looked at Indian history
  • The last couple of episodes are fantastic and save the show
  • Those first couple of episodes are quite slow and hard to get through
  • Some people really do not like what they did with her powers or what she is!
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