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I freaking loved Olympus Has Fallen the first time I saw it and it is a movie that I have watched several times since I first saw it back in 2013. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, Olympus Has Fallen is a loud and action-packed movie that feels like something I would have watched as a teenager back in the 90s.

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The Movie Review

That is not me trying to be clever by the way. I could literally imagine someone like Jean-Claude Van Damme playing the role of Mike Banning trying to save the president in 1995! That is not meant as a negative either, it just made this a much more endearing movie for me and it is one that I always have a lot of fun with.

Olympus Has Fallen Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Olympus Has Fallen
Director Antoine Fuqua
Release Year 2013
Genre Action
Viewer’s Preference The author loved the movie and finds it highly rewatchable.
Main Character Mike Banning (played by Gerard Butler) – the head of the presidential security detail.
Plot Setup After a tragic incident, Mike Banning returns to action to save the President and the White House from a North Korean terrorist group.
Action and Violence The movie features intense action scenes and violent sequences that provide excitement.
Political Intrigue Movie contains elements of political intrigue alongside its action-packed storyline.
Cast Gerard Butler (Mike Banning), Aaron Eckhart (President), Morgan Freeman (Speaker), Angela Bassett (Secret Service), and more.
Entertainment Value Considered a fun, loud, brutal, and exciting action movie; ideal for a popcorn-filled viewing experience.

Mike Banning: The Unconventional Hero

Mike Banning is the main character and he is played by Gerard Buttler who I always like when he is an older badass type character. He plays a former soldier who becomes the head of the presidential security detail. What is interesting about his role is that while his job is to protect the president and his family, Mike has a good and friendly relationship with President Asher, his wife, and his son.

A Classic Setup for Action

However, after a tragic incident results in the death of the first lady, Mike is removed from his post and takes up another position in the government. It is a fun setup to get us to the main event of our movie and once again, it is very much like something that you would have seen in a big 90s action movie with someone like Steven Segal.

The White House Under Siege

The White House gets taken! As the White House is under siege by Kang Yeonsak, the leader of a North Korean terrorist group, Mike comes back into action to help try and save the day. I thought that Kang’s motivations for doing what he was doing were good. He is completely crazy, but from his point of view, he thinks that what he is doing is right and just.

Epic Action and Intense Violence

Olympus Has Fallen has some epic action scenes and it is pretty damn violent too which I must admit, I got a huge kick out of. I do think that it does have a bit of political intrigue going on as well, but for the most part, it truly is a straight-up action movie. If you want a plot with a bit more substance, you probably should look elsewhere.

A Stacked Cast

I do have to say that this movie has a stacked cast. Aaron Eckhart is the President, Morgan Freeman is the speaker, and Angela Bassett is in charge of the Secret Service! That is just to name a few. The movie also has a very stacked supporting cast as well. I would have to say that it is one of the better “acted” pure action movies I have seen over the last decade or so.

A Perfect Popcorn Flick

Olympus Has Fallen is a fun, loud, brutal, and exciting action movie! This is the kind of movie that you can fire up when you just want to have a good time. The perfect movie to watch with a bowl of popcorn, a giant bottle of Pepsi, and perhaps a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk too! This is one of those movies that I never get tired of watching!

Olympus Has Fallen
Olympus Has Fallen is a political action thriller that gave a beginning to a series of movies. Download it now and have an exciting time.
8.5 Total Score
Olympus Has Fallen Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I really like Gerrard Butler as Mike Banning
  • This movie has a stacked and talented cast
  • If you love old school 80s and 90s action movies, you will get a kick out of this
  • This is the start of a fun trilogy!
  • The violence may be a tad much for some people
  • I do feel that you have to have a love for action movies to get into this
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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