Angel Has Fallen

Let me ask you this – did you like Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen? If you said yes, you will like Angel Has Fallen as it is more of the same. The Fallen trilogy is just fun 90s-style action movies and there is nothing wrong with that at all! Not every movie has to be trying to win an Oscar or have some kind of deep meaning!

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Movie Review: A Blend of Action and Aging Heroism

Once again, we have Gerrard Butler playing the role of Secret Service agent Mike Banning. Mike Banning is the ultimate badass, but what I like here is that he is older and starting to realize that he is older, but kicking ass and fighting is still what he is best at. The aging action hero, realizing their mortality has become a thing over the last decade and I think that this movie does it very well as Butler is very believable in this role.

The Return of Morgan Freeman

We also have Morgan Freeman reprising his role as Vice President Allan Trumble. Although he is no longer vice president, Allan Trumble is now the President of the United States of America! Who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman? And as usual, he is great in this role, although, I would have liked to have seen him more in the movie as he is such a pivotal part of the series.

Familiar Plot with a Twist

The plot this time around is very, very similar to the movie The Fugitive. There is an attack on the president and Mike Banning has been framed for it! It is kind of shocking how quickly the FBI and his own agency turn against him and just think that he has gone rogue and is the one responsible for this attack! Sure, some do question it, but man, this guy is a legit world-saving hero and he gets no benefit of the doubt!

Action-Packed Entertainment

This movie is just a whole lot of fun. We have Mike running around, trying to clear his name and expose the real villain and those lurking in the shadows trying to influence things. This movie is what it is and if you like big action movies, you will like this, it is as simple as that.

However, on the flip side of that, I will say that if you like your action movies to be a bit more “cerebral” and make you think, you will not find that here. There is a part in the movie that is supposed to be a “big reveal” but how you could not have seen this big reveal coming is beyond me.

The action is awesome, especially in the later part of the movie. This is what this series does best and it is so much fun. Speaking of fun, Nick Nolte as Mike’s dad is awesome. It is like Nick Nolte just playing crazy old Nick Nolte and I got a huge kick out of it and would love to see him return as there are talks for three more movies which I am legit excited about.

A Worthwhile Watch

Angel Has Fallen is a lot of fun, it may be predictable and have some rather less-than-great CGI, but I still enjoyed this one. For those of you who enjoy action movies, you cannot go wrong with this. I would not say that any of the Fallen movies are amazing, but they are all good and entertaining in their own right.

Angel Has Fallen (2019)
Angel Has Fallen is an action film that is the third instalment in the Has Fallen series. Download it now and follow the story of agent Mike Banning.
8 Total Score
Angel Has Fallen (2019) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Mike Banning is a badass character
  • It has a very 90s action movie vibe like the other two movies do
  • The final act is so much fun and very action packed
  • I got a huge kick out of crazy mountain man Nick Nolte
  • Some of the CGI is absolutely terrible, like shockingly bad!
  • If you did not think much of London or Olympus Has Fallen, you will probably not think much of this
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