Man did I love Outlander! Outlander is brought to us by Starz, which you can subscribe to on Amazon Prime which is how I do it. This is a fantasy, historical drama that well and truly got its hooks into me right from the first episode. I grew up in Scotland so I am always willing to give any show with some Scottish roots a try, but this show is something I truly believe anyone can enjoy.

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There is a time travel element to Outlander and trying to talk about a show or movie with time travel can be tricky and confusing, but I will do my best. Our main character is a woman called Clair who lives in Scotland with her husband Frank. She was a military nurse and now in 1945, they live in Scotland.

By standing at a mystical location, Clair ends up transported back in time to the year 1743 and she falls in with a Highland clan! Clair strikes up a friendship with a highland warrior called Jamie and the two of them eventually fall in love. Jamie’s clan, Clan McKenzie is at odds with the British Redcoats which are led by an ancestor of Frank’s!

The first season is awesome stuff. The way that the clan is mistrusting Clair at first, but she is able to use her “healing” powers of modern medicine to care for the clan is really cool. You get some great drama in Outlander and you do actually care about Clair and part of you wants her to never be able to return to her own time.

I loved the first season of Outlander and in all honesty, the whole show could have been set in the UK and I would have been cool with it. However, Outlander goes all over the world and that was something I was not expecting. We get to see 18th century Paris with King Louis XV in the second season which blew my mind.

Going to France is just the tip of the iceberg for Outlander. The show takes us to the Caribbean and the American Revolution. The scope and scale of the show is truly amazing and that is not even counting the fact that Claire is able to go back and forth through time during the series.

I found myself wanting to binge-watch the show as each episode left you with more and more questions. While this is classed as a drama, I think that the bits of sci-fi along with the action make it far more than that. I know a few friends who passed on this because they thought it was just some kind of period drama, which it certainly is not.

As you can tell, I love Outlander. As I write this there are five seasons of the show and the sixth is now here and just a couple of episodes in. This is the kind of show that is very, very addictive and I am sure that once the show has ended. It is going to be the kind of show that I end up watching from the beginning. This is not a show that peaks in the first season either, it gets better and better!

Outlander is a historical/fantasy drama series that is based on the novels by the American writer Diana J. Gabaldon (1952). Download it now.
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