Paddington 2

Paddington 2 is a live-action animated comedy film which premiered on 5th November 2017. The film is directed by Paul King and is also a sequel to the film Paddington (2014). It features Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Ben Whishaw, Sally Hawkins, and Brendan Gleeson as the main cast.

The film continues from where it left off in its prequel as we get to see how Paddington, after settling down with the Brown family, begins to work multiple jobs in order to raise money to give a very special book to his Aunt Lucy who is about to turn 100 years old. Much to Paddington’s surprise, the book gets stolen and the thieve frames him for it.

After being arrested, Paddington plans an escape with his inmates, meanwhile, the Browns try to search in different areas in order to find the real culprit. The film revolves around Paddington and the Brown family’s efforts trying to prove Paddington’s innocence along with a way to find the original book which apparently contains clues that leads to a secret treasure.

How to Stream or Download Paddington 2

Paddington 2 can be streamed or it can be downloaded from iTunes with audio in several languages and subtitles. Both SD and HD quality are available. To start the download click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Film Review

The film credits much of its success of hitting $226 million to the extremely talented Paul King who, along with directing the film, also co-wrote the script for it. The visual effects for the movie were provided by the highly recognized British company, Framestore.

Paddington 2 was a film which was shot in open areas in central London as well as in the studios of Warnes Bros., and Pinewood film studios. Thanks to its talented cast and the team of producers and directors, the film claimed 14 nominations out of which, they managed to win 3. The film has also managed to receive 164 consecutive positive reviews on the popular critic website known as Rotten Tomatoes.

One of the major reasons as to why the film has turned out to be popular amongst all communities is because it gives a lesson of tolerance towards other communities, particularly to the children who are the film’s main audience.

As shown in the film, Paddington is a brown bear full of good vibes around him due to his kindness towards his neighbors and generally the people he meets. Once he gets arrested, the neighborhood where Paddington lives almost falls apart without his presence, clearly defining the idea of how caring about each other makes society a better place to live in.

The important aspect of the film is to teach children about how criminal and bad activities should not be associated with a particular race or community. This is shown by displaying the character of Phoenix Buchahan as the main villain who is apparently handsome and gentle on the outside, but bitter and filled with jealousy on the inside.

The film is one of the very few productions which have been received in a positive manner by the critics. Although one can admit that the level of humor is questionable in terms of the language used, but overall, the film holds a very special message topped with just the right amount of wit, making it more than worthy to watch it.

Paddington 2
Paddington 2 is a movie that features both animation and live actors. The protagonist is a bear. Download the movie and enjoy the action.
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