I still remember the day when Paddington came out, it was a tiny little film with lots of heart. This film was beloved by critics and audiences, people were praising it in every corner of the world, and the film was a massive box office success. You don’t see success stories like this anymore, and the fact that director Paul King managed to make Paddington such a huge, worldwide sensation is a genuine accomplishment. That said, is it as good as people are calling it out to be?

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The Movie Review

After the destruction of his home in Peru, a young bear heads to London in search of a new place to call home. Along the way, he meets the Browns, a family with two children who have conflicting views on the bear’s arrival. While the Browns assist the bear in his search for a new home, they begin to form an emotional attachment to the lovable creature. However, the bear’s carefree attitude and the interference of an antagonistic taxidermist from a local museum threaten to strain their relationship, for better or for worse.

It’s become commonplace for contemporary children’s media and modern animation to captivate audiences with their stunning visuals, but they often lack the enchantment, spirit, and allure that makes a story truly memorable. Another issue that bothers me is the way that many classic fables and literature are adapted to film with little regard for their original characters and themes.

Fortunately, Paddington defies these trends and stands out as a shining example of how to create a captivating and soulful animated movie for children. The original story and characters of Paddington and the Brown family remain intact, and their personalities feel fresh and relevant while staying true to the source material.

The plot of the film is masterfully executed, delicately weaving together the heartbreaking yet uplifting backstory of our endearing young protagonist. As the story progresses, we witness the bear’s journey to finding a new home, building new relationships, and experiencing new adventures in the bustling city of London.

The film is peppered with delightful and amusing scenes that are sure to keep a smile on your face, such as the comical chaos that ensues when Paddington attempts to take a bath. However, the movie also delves into more serious themes, but the combination of lighthearted humor, compelling drama, and meaningful life lessons conveyed through the eyes of a young bear is simply beautiful.

This film is a true heart-warmer, creating a warm and fuzzy family atmosphere that had me bursting with laughter at many points throughout. The exceptional cast is responsible for much of this, particularly Ben Whishaw’s remarkable voice acting as Paddington, which imbues the bear with an irresistible charm and lovable personality.

It’s hard not to feel heartbroken whenever anyone treats him unkindly. The performances are fantastic all around, with Sally Hawkins and Hugh Bonneville delivering standout performances as always. However, it’s Nicole Kidman who truly steals the show as the malevolent taxidermist, portraying her character with a palpable sense of cruelty and danger.

The Visuals

The film’s visual presentation is simply enchanting, bringing the titular bear to life with stunning CGI effects and clever cinematic techniques. Paddington is brought to vibrant life with the use of rich and vivid colors in the film’s sets, including a breathtakingly beautiful forest in the prologue.

The camera work is expertly crafted, avoiding any clumsiness or carelessness, it looks more like a Wes Anderson film than a regular CGI family film. Paddington himself is animated with skill and precision, conveying a sense of value and worth.

The Music

Renowned composer Nick Urata provides a fantastic score that perfectly complements the story. The upbeat, lighthearted tracks mesh seamlessly with the plot, and London Is The Place For Me stands out as a particularly fitting choice that remains stuck in your head long after the movie ends.

Throughout the film, there are plenty of Latin rhythms that capture the essence of Paddington’s Peruvian heritage. The music strikes a perfect balance between playful in the slapstick moments and soothing in the more emotional scenes.


Paddington is such a heartwarming film that it will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The animation is breathtaking and the story is so charming, not to mention, you just can’t help but fall in love with Paddington, he’s way too adorable. It’s no wonder that Paddington has become an instant family classic that will be cherished for years to come.

If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and make it a priority – you won’t be disappointed!

Paddington is a live-action animated comedy that was released back in 2014 Download it now and follow the story of a young bear arriving in London.
7.5 Total Score
Paddington Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Breathtaking animation that brings Paddington and the world he inhabits to life
  • Heartwarming story that combines humor and drama, making it an enjoyable film for both kids and adults
  • Memorable soundtrack that perfectly captures the mood and tone of the film
  • Brilliant voice acting by Ben Whishaw as Paddington and an amazing cast that includes Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, and Nicole Kidman
  • The cinematography is beautiful, full of vibrancy and color, much akin to a Wes Anderson film
  • None
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