Paranormal Activity 2

In a world of found footage films, Paranormal Activity has managed to stand out. Most found footage films follow a set formula, where a group of unknowing people ends up getting caught in a situation larger than life for them. However, Paranormal Activity is set on a different formula, where a family who is well aware that there are supernatural entities around their house set up cameras so that they can identify the threat. This made the series stand out, making it unique and different in the genre of found footage films.  Of course, this made it quite popular when it was originally released in 2007, and as always there were sequels abound, although not at the same quality levels.

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The Movie Review

In Paranormal Activity 2, we follow the Dey family. The four of them consist of father Daniel and mother Kristi, along with their children Ali, a teen, and Hunter, a toddler. Kristi in this film is actually Katie’s sister, who was the protagonist in the first Paranormal Activity. Writer Michael R. Perry’s story provides the backstory here, most importantly, some of this story opens the door for another prequel, while also bringing Paranormal Activity (2007) and its story some the much-needed closure fans deserved.

The concept of making a sequel to a movie like Paranormal Activity seems ridiculous in principle. Paranormal Activity was released in 2007, two years after it was finished in 2005. Then it went on to become a totally unexpected hit. It struck a terrifying chord with viewers. It was a unique experience that can’t be recreated, at least not as well. Could a follow-up to a movie like this do it justice? Surprisingly enough, it can with director Tod Williams at the helm!

The scare factor is significantly dumbed down compared to the first movie, but it still has the same impact because the filmmakers tried their hardest to shake you out of your complacency because you believe that by darting your eyes around the screen in search of clues or signs, you can stay one step ahead of the game. Some strategies, such as the moving door, are repeated, but only because there is a complex relationship between the two movies. While this relationship isn’t fully explored, it is nonetheless a significant element that establishes this movie as a direct companion movie.

This movie has more cameras due to the addition of a baby and a string of home invasions into the overarching plot. This provides some justification for lots more and long-awaited different camera perspectives of the house coming into view. This is done by way of carefully positioned CCTV and nanny cams. As a result, a larger stage is set up with various situations to spook the audience.

This is much different from the first film’s formula where they just focused on one camera with most things happening when the lead couple is fixated with their bedroom voyeurism which showed some decent acting.

This movie depends more on sound and looming fear. The surprising high-pitched sounds pave the way for some very horrifying moments, but the throbbing bass gives away some of the scares a little too early in some sequences. Despite having a larger budget, it had a more minimalistic feel in many aspects and demonstrated that the filmmakers had not become arrogant as a result of their success. They never once changed this sage approach since they wanted to preserve the same mood and aesthetic of the first movie.

The fact that even the actors are bringing more to the table this time around despite the film being more organized makes this so much more enjoyable than it would have on a smaller budget.

The Verdict

To get the most out of this movie, you must have seen the first one because it has some very intricate connections with it, while also making a ton of references to it. Without watching the original, you’ll be confused about who’s who and the significance of things that can seem insignificant but add to the story a whole lot more than you’d think. Though it is considerably less scary than the previous movie, if you have watched the first one, you will enjoy this one. However, you will probably be disappointed if you watch this one before the original.

Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 2 is a found footage horror film from 2010 that is a sequel to the very well-received 2007 original. Download it now.
6 Total Score
Paranormal Activity 2 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • A decently told story with lots of connections to the original Paranormal Activity
  • Much better visual clarity
  • Some decent acting
  • Well done atmosphere
  • The references and connections can deter new viewers from watching
  • The film has a lot of pacing issues
  • The story arc related to the new characters and the setup to another prequel feel random
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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