Percy Jackson and the Olympians (TV series)

The main reason that I wanted to watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians was that WWE legend (and now AEW superstar) Edge (Adam Copland) was playing the God of War in it. To be honest, I actually liked the two Percy Jackson movies, I am not saying that they were great or anything, but they were fun all be it a bit forgettable.

How to Download Percy Jackson and the Olympians (TV series)

The TV show was released on December 19, 2023. You can download or stream the film from Disney+. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also the movies – Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (210) and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013).

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – the TV Series Review

Disney decided to take another stab at the popular book series with a series made for Disney Plus. By the way, am I the only one who thinks Disney really needs a big hit sooner rather than later? It seems like a lot of the stuff they have been doing the last couple of years has fallen a bit flat, especially on the Disney Plus side of things!

Adapting Percy Jackson for TV

I have not read any of the Percy Jackson books so I cannot speak for how faithful an adaptation this show is. What I can tell you is that Percy Jackson and the Olympians is not bad at all. It does feel like a show that is aimed more at kids than adults, but I had a decent enough time with it and will be back for season 2 if that does actually happen.

The Story of Percy Jackson

Percy is a demigod. He is the son of a human mother and Poseidon and after he loses his mother, he goes to a special place called Camp Half-Blood. Camp Half-Blood is a place where demigod children can go and be safe, as well as learn about who they are, and their parents and hone their powers, and so on.

Percy’s Quest

Things go horribly wrong for poor Percy. A big god-filled war is brewing and unless Percy can find Zues’s lightning bolt, things could turn bad really quickly. I think the premise is pretty solid and if you have watched the first Percy Jackson movie, it will certainly have an air of familiarity about it.

The Cast of Percy Jackson

Percy is not alone! Percy is joined by Annabeth who is the daughter of Athena, he is also joined by Grover, who is his best friend, but who has a secret of his own. They make a fun trio, I have heard some people say that they are unlikable, but I just think they do a good job of acting like kids and kids do and say some dumb stuff. I guess Percy can seem like a bit of a moron at times, but to be fair, he is figuring out and learning about this stuff as he goes!

Final Thoughts on the Percy Jackson Series

I would not say that Percy Jackson and the Olympians is one of the greatest TV shows that I have ever seen, but it is nowhere near the bottom of the list. It has some fun moments, and some interesting characters that look fantastic, and each episode ended with me wanting to know what happened next.

One thing that sucks and this is a Disney Plus issue and that is the show is way too dark! Why is stuff on Disney Plus that utilizes HDR always so dark? When you can see what is going on, the show looks great. It actually deserves way more credit than it is getting for how good it looks. If you are on the fence about this one, give it a try, it may surprise you. If you have kids, it could be a fun show for you to watch with them.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (TV series)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a Disney+ TV series about a demigod's quest in a world where Greek mythology meets modern life. Download it now.
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians (TV series) Review Summary

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  • I liked our trio of young heroes
  • There are some great action scenes
  • The show moves at a very quick pace
  • I liked the lore and worldbuilding that was created here
  • Like most other Disney Plus shows, it is way too dark
  • While I liked the kids, I can see why some may find them annoying
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