There’s been a plethora of films about the Vietnam war. Some of them have been genre-defining masterpieces such as Full Metal Jacket, and Apocalypse Now, while some of them have been horrible parodies of the brutality that both sides faced during that era of violence. However, if we’re talking about films about the Vietnam war that only show one side of the coin, then Platoon is a massive example. Somehow, though, despite its patriotic nature, Platoon is a film that handles the subject tastefully.

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The Movie Review

during the Vietnam War, Platoon tells the story of Chris Taylor, a young soldier who is deployed to fight in a distant land. After experiencing the brutality of war firsthand, Taylor is assigned to a platoon led by two sergeants with vastly different personalities: the merciless Staff Sergeant Barnes and the empathetic Sergeant Elias.

As the platoon is plunged into the chaos of battle, Taylor must navigate the challenges of combat while also struggling to reconcile his own beliefs with the harsh realities of war.

Through it all, Taylor forms close bonds with his fellow soldiers and confronts the internal conflicts that threaten to tear the platoon apart.

The plot of Platoon is a classic tale of a young man thrust into a difficult and dangerous situation and struggling to find his place in it.

The pacing of the movie is slow at times, but this works well to build tension and create a sense of dread as the soldiers gradually become more and more embroiled in the war.

The story is not always easy to follow, but this is also a strength of the film as it once again adds to the sense of chaos and confusion that the soldiers are experiencing.

Oliver Stone’s direction is masterful, capturing the chaos and confusion of the war with remarkable accuracy.

Olive Stone creates a sense of immersion that draws the viewer into the world of the soldiers, with the use of handheld cameras and close-ups adding to the sense of immediacy. The dialogue also adds to the immersion, it is raw and often profane, providing a healthy dose of realism to the mix.

The interactions between the soldiers are authentic and help to create a sense of camaraderie, as well as highlighting the conflicts that arise within the platoon. Stone’s ability to convey the soldiers’ emotions and inner turmoil is particularly impressive, as he manages to make the audience feel what the characters are feeling.

Sheen’s portrayal of the naive and idealistic Chris Taylor is moving, while Berenger’s turn as the hardened and ruthless Staff Sergeant Barnes is chilling. Dafoe’s performance as the compassionate and wise Sergeant Elias is particularly memorable, and his final scene is one of the film’s most powerful moments.

The rest of the cast is also excellent, with each actor bringing depth and nuance to their roles.

I wouldn’t say that the action is mind-blowing or anything of the sort in Platoon, it definitely falls more in line with the grittier more realistic vision of war than anything else.

The battle scenes are intense and visceral, with the soldiers fighting for their lives in brutal hand-to-hand combat. The use of practical effects and authentic weaponry only adds to the film’s authenticity and makes the action scenes all the more gripping.

Relying on practical effects, including explosions and gunfire, along with the natural lighting and the use of hand-held cameras further immerse the viewer in the chaos of the conflict. Platoon is nothing if not a visceral and engaging experience.

The lush and foreboding Vietnamese jungle is masterfully captured, with dense foliage and murky waterways adding to the sense of unpredictability by the guerrillas that rebelled against the US invasion.

It’s a testament to the film’s direction and cinematography that the audience feels as though they are right there in the thick of the action, sharing in the soldiers’ struggles.

The Music

Finally, the most beautiful aspect of the film is its music, with composer Georges Delerue’s score capturing the sense of loss and despair that permeates the film.

The use of classic rock songs from the era, such as “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber, adds to the film’s emotional impact, and it also adds to making you, the audience, feel as if your heart is breaking with this Platoon as some of the big moments kick in.


Platoon, the harrowing Vietnam War epic directed by Oliver Stone, is an immersive and authentic depiction of the chaos and brutality of war.

With visceral and intense battle scenes, lush and foreboding cinematography, raw and profane dialogue, and excellent performances, Platoon draws the viewer into the soldiers’ struggles and emotions, leaving a lasting impact. Despite its slow pacing and at times difficult-to-follow plot, Platoon is a masterful work of art that captures the sense of loss and despair that permeates the film.

Platoon is a war film from 1986 that is set in South Vietnam in 1967. Download it now and see what happened.
9 Total Score
Platoon Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Masterful direction from Oliver Stone, bringing the script to life.
  • Excellent performances from the cast, particularly Sheen, Berenger, and Dafoe.
  • Impressive use of practical effects and authentic weaponry.
  • Immersive use of handheld cameras and close-ups, the cinematography is a powerhouse especially during the visceral war sequences.
  • • Impressive score by Georges Delerue that captures the film's sense of loss and despair.
  • Slow pacing may not be to everyone's taste.
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