War Movies



I am a big fan of Roland Emmerich so I have been meaning to check out Midway for a while now. Luckily, I had an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket and they had this on 4K for a very good ...

Empire of the Sun


Steven Spielberg is a legendary director, one who has made himself synonymous with the word ‘Hollywood’. He’s one of the most talented and versatile filmmakers of all time, dipping his toes into ...



There’s been a plethora of films about the Vietnam war. Some of them have been genre-defining masterpieces such as Full Metal Jacket, and Apocalypse Now, while some of them have been horrible ...

Seven Years in Tibet


Nestled amidst the towering peaks of the Himalayas, Tibet has long captivated the imagination of audiences worldwide. The isolated land, situated in one of the most remote and inhospitable regions on ...



Based on a true story and also based on a popular book, Devotion is a solid war movie. What drew me to this was that I heard it was as much about friendship as it was about the war itself. It is such ...

All Quiet on the Western Front


I have to start by saying that All Quiet on the Western Front is not the movie for you if you are in the mood for something cheerful! This is a Netflix original movie about the brutalities of World ...

Lone Survivor


It sometimes gets extremely hard to watch war films. It’s simply painful to witness what soldiers have to go through in order to ensure the safety of their country. However, more often than not, it’s ...



Greek and Trojan mythology has always been a fantastically written set of stories, odysseys, and memoirs that truly immerse you into an era of colorful, lush personalities and lives. This was an era ...

Pearl Harbor


Anytime I start talking about a Michael Bay film, it feels like I'm being a bully and only criticizing the films for being what they are, explosions on screen for a quick dose of serotonin. However, ...