Rambo: First Blood Part II

You know I have never met anyone in my 41 years on this Earth that actually calls this movie Rambo: First Blood Part II, it is always just Rambo II! Granted, the movie did not come out until 85, but my point still stands! I loved Stallone as a kid and Rambo was a big action hero of mine. I loved Rambo 1 as a kid, but I loved Rambo 2 even more.

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Rambo II was released on May 22, 1985. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review

The funny thing is for probably 20-plus years, Rambo II was better than Rambo I in my opinion, but if I am being honest, nostalgia played a big part in that. I think having watched these movies tons of times over the years I do think that I slightly prefer the first movie over this one, but to be honest there is not much in it at all.

Rambo II Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Rambo: First Blood Part II
Release Date May 22, 1985
Download and Streaming Available for download/streaming
Plot and Setting Rambo is asked to go to Vietnam to investigate and ends up getting involved in a mission to rescue POWs.
Rambo’s Mission Rambo is sent to Vietnam with strict instructions but ends up taking matters into his own hands.
Action-Packed Sequel Rambo II is a straight-up action movie with iconic scenes and intense hand-to-hand combat.
Iconic Rambo Rambo II features the iconic portrayal of John Rambo with his bow and arrow and intense combat scenes.
Nostalgic Appeal A classic 80s action movie set in Vietnam, beloved by fans of the era.

Plot and Setting

Rambo: First Blood Part II takes place a little while after the first movie. Rambo is in prison for the mayhem that he caused, but Colonel Sam Trautman needs his help. The Vietnam War is completely over, but there are still POWs over there and the public is not too happy about this so the military is being forced to do something about it.

Trautman asks Rambo to go over there and investigate. Rambo is under strict instructions not to intervene and try to save the POWs, here is there to observe and report, that is it! Do they even know Rambo??? He agrees and of course, he ends up getting involved by rescuing a woman that he ends up falling in love with.

Rambo’s Mission

Turns out that there was never any real intent to try and rescue POWs and Rambo was pretty much being sent there to die by his own government! Of course, Rambo is not happy about this and ends up once again being a one-man killing machine trying to punish those who have done him wrong.

Action-Packed Sequel

I feel like Rambo II is much more of a straight-up action movie than the first one. While I do think that the first movie is a bit better, mainly because Brian Dennehy’s evil Sherrif was a way better antagonist for Rambo to go up against. I have to say when I think of Rambo, which probably happens at least a few times a week, which self-respecting guy that grew up in the 80s doesn’t?

Iconic Rambo

It is the Rambo from Rambo II with his bow and arrow and hand-to-hand combat, being ripped to shreds that I think of. This is a fun and wild movie and completely over the top, perhaps even more so than the first movie. It is a fantastic time and I have never watched the first Rambo without watching this shortly after as I really do see them as movies that you have to watch together.

Nostalgic Appeal

I do like the Vietnam setting here, there is just something very cool and badass about it all. This is one of the classic 80s action movies for me and as someone who grew up then, I just love this kind of stuff. However, I could see why someone might find it dated. I tried to get my son to watch the Rambo movies and he was not into them at all.

Rambo: First Blood Part II
Rambo: First Blood Part II is an action film about a Vietnam war veteran who is sent on a special mission. Download it and see what happened.
8.5 Total Score
Rambo: First Blood Part II Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Rambo is once again super badass in this movie
  • I love the look and the setting of the movie
  • This movie sounds amazing on Blu-Ray, you have to crank the sound up for sure!
  • It is right on par with how good the first movie is
  • I think that the first movie has a better main villain
  • If 80s action movies are not your thing, Rambo II is not for you!
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