Released in 2011, Rango is a really personal movie for me. That may sound like an odd thing to say about an animated movie I saw as an adult, but hear me out. Rango was the very first movie I took my son to see at the cinema. Since then we have been to the cinema together countless times and while he is a teenager and too cool to go to the cinema with his dad now, it was this movie that started all those years of movie viewing.

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The Movie Review

A Father-Son Bonding Moment at the Cinema with Rango

The reason we picked Rango as his first movie was that at my theatre, they would show some older movies at a cheaper price. It was 2012 and Rango was on and it was just £2 per ticket. The wife and I thought that if he did not like the cinema, we could just leave and it would not be like we were out a huge amount of money and we could try again when he was a little older.

Well, he freaking loved it, the cinema captured him right from the start and he never took his eyes off the screen once. To be honest, I am not certain if that is because Rango is an all-time classic or it was just the allure of the huge screen, the other people, the popcorn, and so on.

Rango’s Adventure: A Tale of Survival and Identity

To be honest with you, Rango is a really fun movie, It stars Johnny Depp in the lead role as Rango, a chameleon who is very theatrical and lives a good life in his terrarium and he has some kind owners. Johnny Depp brings a ton of personality and charm to the role and I really think that he should do more voice acting work as he is so good at it.

The Town of Dirt: A Wild West Adventure for Kids

Rango and his family are moving and while in the car, his terrarium falls out right in the Nevada Dessert and he is stranded! Stranded in a truly brutal and dangerous, not to mention a super hot place! Being kept in comfort all his life, Rango is not equipped for this harsh new land that he has found himself in!

Rango’s Rise to Heroism

A not-quite-roadkill armadillo tells Rango of a town called Dirt. On making his way to the town of Dirt, Rango is chased by a crazy hawk who wants to eat him. Rango arrives at the town and tries to act tough, using all his “acting skills” to do so and the people actually buy it. They buy it so much that a bad dude called Bad Bill challenges him to a duel.

The duel does not happen! That hawk shows up again and while running away, Rango accidentally ends up killing the hawk! The townspeople are sure that Rango did it on purpose and that he is a hero and they make him the new sheriff. Well, there is a rattlesnake called Jake who is coming back to the town and that means trouble for Rango!

The Legacy of Rango: An Animated Western with Heart

This is a super fun movie, it is like an old Western, but for kids. To be honest, I am surprised my son loved it as much as he did as I do not think it is perfect for younger children. It has a really fun cast and while the plot may seem predictable, it does have a pretty fun twist that I will admit, I did not see coming. It also has a good message for kids with Rango having to face responsibilities and do the right thing.

Rango, an animated adventure, tells the story of a chameleon's quest for identity and courage in the Wild West, voiced by Johnny Depp. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Rango Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The voice cast all do a great job bringing these critters to life
  • There are some legit funny moments in the movie
  • I love how this is pretty much just a Western!
  • This is a movie that is fun for adults and kids
  • I love the style, but it is not one of the best looking animated movies I have seen
  • It may not appeal to younger children
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