Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon is Disney’s first big movie for 2021. Due to Covid-19, it would be released as a premium offering on their Disney Plus subscription service. The movie has a predominantly Asian/American cast and it is a movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

How to Stream or Download Raya and the Last Dragon

At the moment of writing the only way to watch Raya and the Last Dragon online is through Disney+. Still, as time goes by it will probably be also available for stream or for download in digital stores such as Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon Prime.

The Movie Review

I watched Raya and the Last Dragon with my wife and son and what was neat was that we all saw the movie in a kind of different way. The movie is set on a fictional Earth called, Klumandra. The world is being overrun by an evil force called The Druun, evil spirits that take people’s life force.

In Klumandra, humans, and dragons lived together in harmony, until the dragons realized that they can use their magic to create a special orb that will see off The Druun, but this will cause all, but one of them to turn into stone! Half a century passes and mankind has split into different tribes who have an uneasy alliance at best over who this orb should be protected.

The orb ends up destroyed and this leads Raya a warrior of the Heart tribe (she is the daughter of the chief) on a quest to get all of the broken pieces of the orb and to find the last dragon, Sisu so that they can put the orb back together and get rid of the Druun who returned once the orb was destroyed.

Raya is one of the best Disney Princesses (check out also Merida, Mulan, or Cinderella) in a very long time. She is confident, tough, and sure of herself right from the off and that is great. While she does find things out about herself along the way, it was awesome how Disney had this character be a badass right from the very start.

The action in Raya and the Last Dragon is some of the best Disney has done. I would actually say that first and foremost, this is an action movie. I loved her quest to get the pieces of the orb, it was like something out of a fantasy movie. My wife on the other hand loved how the movie was about a strong female warrior and the relationships she forged with other tribes along the way.

This is an absolutely gorgeous movie as well. Each of the tribes has its own “area” that they live and each one has its own district style. It makes for a film that has a lot of diversity in the way it looks and each place that Raya goes to has its own style. As well as being a great-looking movie, the voice cast is great too. Kelly Marie Tran plays Raya and Akwafina plays the last dragon Sisu and they have fantastic chemistry.

I thought that Raya and the Last Dragon was a lot of fun, actually, my whole family did. It has many typical Disney elements, but it is one of the most action-packed Disney animated movies they have done in a long time. I think this is well worth the price they are asking for it on Disney Plus, or you can just wait until June when it is added to the service for free.

Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon is a 2021 Disney animated film that relates what happened in the fantasy world of Kumandra. Watch it now.
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