Resident Evil (2022 TV Series)

I have been playing Resident Evil since I went round to a friend’s house in 1996 and he had the original game for the Sega Saturn! Ever since, Resident Evil has been a firm favorite franchise of mine and when I heard Netflix was making a live-action series, I was very excited about it.

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The Movie Review

Resident Evil is only eight episodes long so it is not a massive time commitment. I also think the pacing of the show is good and I never found myself getting bored with it. The show is very loosely based on the events of the video games and is very much its own thing, that works for and against it.

It works because when it does give you references like The Lickers for example it is awesome. However, while I enjoyed the show, I did wonder if this needed to be a Resident Evil show. You could have taken the references out of it and I do not think it would have ultimately mattered.

The story takes place in two timelines one in 2022 and one in 2036. A new community called, New Racoon City has been developed by The Umbrella Corporation, and head scientists, Albert Wesker and his twin 14-year-old daughters, Billie and Jade have moved there. This is a very different Albert Wesker than we are used to in the games, but there is a great payoff here!

Wesker is a very strange man and he does not have the most normal relationship with his daughters. Wesker takes their blood on a regular basis and he drops whatever he is doing when his boss, Evelyn comes calling. Billie and Jade notice that something is not right and they end up breaking into the Umbrella lab where their dad works and Billie ends up bitten by a dog which is a cool reference to the games.

With the help of Evelyn’s own son, they start to unravel what is going on with Umbrella and who their dad really is. The part of the show that is set in 2036 features an adult Jade as she tries to survive in the world after it has gone to hell after what went down in 2022. She has a daughter and is trying to find a way to make things better in the world.

Each episode jumps back and forward in time and while this could lead to it being a confusing mess, I do feel that they pull it off. I actually really liked Jade as a character and the way Umbrella is chasing her down as he is trying to get back to her family was something I really enjoyed.

As far as the action in Resident Evil goes, the action is great and features a ton of zombies, bad guys, and big monsters like The Lickers, a giant spider, and a weird bug. While the story is very much its own thing, I do feel that they have captured the spirit of the Resident Evil games pretty well here.

I know that some people did not like this, but I think those were people who did not like the fact that this was very much its own thing. I thought that Resident Evil was a pretty fun show and I am certainly interested in a second season. I have to say that I think if you are not a super fan of the games, you probably would like the show even more!

Resident Evil (2022 TV Series)
Resident Evil is a 2022 TV series. Download it now and follow the exciting plot based on the famous series of video games.
8 Total Score
Resident Evil (2022 TV Series) Review Summary

  • While its own thing, I liked the story it told
  • The references to the Resident Evil games were cool
  • I thought the family dynamic of Wesker, Jade, and Billie was interesting
  • The monsters in the show look fantastic
  • It may veer too far away from the source material for some people
  • At first, I did not like what they did with Albert Wesker!
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