Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER

The Resident Evil I am looking at today is actually the 2015 HD remaster of the remake of the original 1996 game! That is quite a lot to swallow, but this is actually an HD version of the 2002 Nintendo GameCube Resident Evil remake. Which is actually one of the most beloved games in the entire franchise.

How to Download Resident Evil biohazard HD REMASTER

You can download the game from Steam. If you like the series check out also other Resident Evil Titles: the fantastic remake of the second game (2019), Resident Evil 4 (2005), 5 (2009), 6 (2012) or Resident Evil 7 (2017).

The Game Review

The first things I want to talk about are the improvements that Capcom has made to this HD version of Resident Evil. The most notable one is the aspect ratio. Capcom actually re-released Resident Evil on the Nintendo Wii many years back, but the aspect ratio was horrible!

They have clearly learned from that. You see as well as getting out the HD paintbrush to make the game look better than it ever has before. You can now choose what aspect ratio you get to play the game in. getting to play the game in proper widescreen was really cool and something I wanted when this was re-released on the Wii all those years ago.

The actual visuals do look pretty good. I played this on the PlayStation 4, but I have heard the PC version is the best when it comes to sharpness. This is an older game and you have to keep that in mind, but The Spencer Mansion has never looked better and I feel this was the best possible job they could have done in regards to the visuals without remaking the whole thing from scratch.

The other big change from the GameCube original remake is the controls. The original Resident Evil games have what is known as tank controls. Some people new to the series simply cannot get their head around these controls. While tank controls are in the game, Capcom also has a more modern control scheme for you to use. Despite being an old school Resident Evil fan, I much preferred this new control scheme.

The actual game is classic Resident Evil. This is a game that has been released on pretty much everything at this point and there really is not a whole lot to say about it. The voice acting is better than the 1996 original, but still a far cry from what we would get in games like Resident Evil VII.

What will surprise many people who are experiencing Resident Evil for the first time, especially if they are coming to this from the more active games like Resident Evil 4. Is just how crushingly difficult this game is. This is a game that does not hold your hand and If you fire off your gun, you better make sure you hit what you are aiming at as ammo is very scarce.

Resident Evil HD Remaster does not mess around. You have to manage your items very carefully. You even have to dispose of zombies properly or they will come back, even more, deadly than they were before. The lack of ammo is always on your mind and you are always at odds with yourself if you should shoot or just try and run.

This Resident Evil is also pretty heavy on the puzzles, but they are actually not as hard as I remembered them being. Now granted this is probably the 10th time and the 5th console I have played through the game on, but I was still surprised at how basic some of the puzzles were. The hard difficulty though more than makes up for this.

I really do think that Resident Evil HD Remaster is the best that this game has ever been. Unless they did a full remake like Resident Evil 2, this is the best it will ever be. If you played the original or the original remake on the GameCube you are going to love this game. I even feel that those who missed out on the original Resident Evil will have a lot of fun here. Just know going in that this is one very, very tough game!

Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER
Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER is a third-person shooter survival horror game. Download it now for some fixed camera angle zombie fighting action.
9 Total Score
Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER Review Summary

  • The Spencer Mansion is very creepy
  • The lighting is great
  • One very challenging game
  • New controls make getting around easier
  • You can choose your aspect ratio
  • The difficulty may be a bit much for some
  • Using ink ribbons to save!
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