Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

R/wpsm_dropcap]esident Evil 7: Biohazard is the 7th release of the downloadable series of games with the same name. It’s a survival horror game developed by Capcom and released on January 24th, 2017 for the consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

How to Download Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

To get a copy of Resident Evil 7 click on the Download button below the review. The full game can be downloaded from the Steam platform, either as a regular edition or Resident Evil 7 Gold with the Season Pass (access to all DLCs). I might be tricky so you could possibly look also for some walkthrough to make things easier. There is also a free demo of the game called Resident Evil 7 / Biohazard 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour. Last, but not least, be sure to download and check the previous releases of the saga like Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 or 6.

The Game Review

The game tells the story of a guy who lost his wife in a creepy and strange place and he goes there to find here. The game is the first in the series that is based on the first-person view. The game has impressive graphics and great detail in every aspect, the game really immerse yourself in this survival horror in an exquisite manner.

Everything is mixed with mystery as you need to unlock puzzles and resolve some logical problems. The game also supports PlayStation Virtual Reality, so that you can put your headset and enjoy this horror game at another level. This game added two downloadable content pieces: Not a Hero and End of Zone so that playing time is increased.

Audio is also a great thing of this game as it is well combined with scenarios and with the drama of the game. There is no multiplayer mode in this game. The game presents many scenes with abundant blood and horror, creatures have great detail in design and this game can be scary if you play it at night with lights turned off and if you use VR it can be too much immersing. If you play on a computer you need to have good processing gaming hardware in order to play it at its best because graphics are really powerful in this game.


You control the main character of the game in the search of his wife. The game consists more of exploration than action, that makes it different from other games of the saga. That is a great combination of this game, this horror explanation mixed with the fragility of our main character (he is not a professional but he is brave enough to deal with enemies and with those creepy creatures).

You use a great variety of guns and this is something good because the first-person view makes up a better experience for shooting. You can use shotguns, pistols, rifles and a chainsaw and even some flamethrowers too. You also have some slots for items that you can use over the game, you also need to solve some puzzles and find keys for opening doors.

The main character is named Ethan Winters and the game develops in the Baker house which is where he wants to find his wife, there he finds some creatures called the molded which are nicely designed monsters. You can save the game with cassettes that you find all over the game, there are several levels of difficulty.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard: Reception and Critic Reviews

The game received nice critics, good ratings but not excellent. It was nominated for several categories as the best game of survival horror, and for virtual reality game, it won. The ratings go form some 70 to 90 depending on the review expert. Players all over the world have enjoyed this game of the series of Resident evil because they feel it was a nice change in terms of gameplay and the story itself is really good. What is greatly admired are graphics and the survival horror displayed.

Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a single-player survival horror played from the first-person perspective. Download it and search for your missing wife.
9.5 Total Score
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Summary Review

One of the best options for modern survival horror games. You can enjoy this game too much if you are a fan of the series of Resident Evil or if you are a new gamer of this saga. The graphics make this game even more realistic and if you use VR this is like being there. There are a few good options when it comes to survival horror games that could be so intense as this one. This is still the best option because of the canceled recent game of Silent Hill. One thing great about it is expansions so that you can amplify your hours of gaming.

  • Extraordinary great graphics
  • Pretty scary
  • Nice setting and excellent details
  • Great diversity on bosses and rivals
  • Entertaining scouting and exploring
  • Good storyline
  • PlayStation VR supported
  • Puzzles weird and really simple
  • Predictable battles
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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