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With how things turned out for Rocky V it was so awesome that Sly Stallone got the chance to go back and give Rocky Balboa a better ending. I remember when it was rumored that there was a new Rocky movie coming out and some people were saying that it was a mistake and what was the point. I was not one of these people, Rocky was a childhood favorite of mine so I was pumped to see a new Rocky movie.

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The Movie Review

Rocky Balboa (released on December 20, 2006) takes place many years after the events of Rocky V. Rocky now owns a small restaurant that is named after his late wife, Adrian. Rocky is the host of the restaurant and customers love hearing all about his stories about being in the ring and taking photos with the former champ.

Rocky Balboa Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Rocky Balboa
Genre Drama/Sports
Release Date December 20, 2006 (US)
Download and Streaming Available for download/streaming on digital platforms.
Main Characters Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), Adrian Balboa (Talia Shire),
Mason “The Line” Dixon (Antonio Tarver), Duke (Tony Burton)
Plot Rocky Balboa, now a restaurant owner, decides to make a comeback by facing the current heavyweight champion, Mason Dixon, in an exhibition fight.
Humor and Heart The film portrays Rocky’s vulnerability and explores themes of family and second chances.
Entertainment Value The movie features an epic and hard-hitting fight between Rocky and Mason, providing thrilling entertainment.

Rocky‘s New Life

I think we see a much more vulnerable Rocky in this movie. His heart is clearly broken after the death of Adrian and he has an estranged relationship with his son. Actually, the first time I watched Rocky Balboa, I really did not like his son, I thought that he was a real jerk to Rocky and just blamed him for all of his problems.

Rocky‘s Vulnerability

On the flip side of Rocky being in his twilight years we have the world heavyweight boxing champion, Mason The Line Dixon. The boxing press and fans are not all that keen on Mason and it is getting to him. It is like they do not think he is a real champion and that he has not faced any credible threat to his title.

The Rising Champion

Mason and Rocky are on a collision course, but the way this comes about is kind of cool. A TV show makes a simulation out of a video game that pits a prime Rocky against Mason to see who would win and the simulation says that Rocky would be the winner. This adds even more fuel to the fire that Mason is having to deal with.

The Simulation and the Challenge

Rocky after hearing about this starts to get a bit of a spring in his step and renews his boxing license! When Mason’s people get to win this, they decide to try and set up an exhibition fight between Rocky and Mason to try and get the fans and media to take to Mason. It is a clever idea and of course, Rocky goes for it and starts training for the fight. However, Duke, his old school trainer tells him he needs to focus on power!

Preparing for the Exhibition

One of the interesting things about Rocky Balboa is that Mason is not actually a villain for Rocky to slay. Rocky III, IV, and V all have “bad guys” that Rocky must overcome, but Mason is not like them as I do not think he is bad, crazy, or straight-up evil! I thought that he was a good character and it made for a more interesting movie with there not being a guy that wanted to kill Rocky Balboa in the ring!

Mason, Not a Villain

Before I get to the big fight that is the main event of the movie. One part of the movie that is awesome is how it references the past. From Rocky giving Spider Rocco a meal to the awesome stuff with him and Marie from the first movie. Rocky helping Marie and her son showed what a big heart this guy has!

Nostalgia and Heart

The fight between Rocky and Mason is great and it is pretty hard-hitting and brutal. The Rocky series has never exactly been realistic when it comes to the in-ring fighting and that is true here too. However, I think that they do a good job of giving a reason early on as to why Rocky is able to hang with Mason right until the end.

The Epic Fight

I thought that Rocky Balboa was fantastic. It was a great way to see Rocky ride off into the sunset and live a good life on better terms with his son. I have to be honest and say that while I have enjoyed the Creed movies, I do think that this would have been a good way to say goodbye to the character of Rocky Balboa. If you are a Rocky fan, I have reviewed the whole saga recently so be sure to check them all out!

Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa is the sixth film in the established franchise of boxing movies. Download it now and see what happened this time.
8 Total Score
Rocky Balboa Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • It was interesting to see Rocky as a 60 year old man
  • The fight at the end is awesome
  • I liked how Rocky’s opponent was not a typical Rocky bad guy
  • At the time, I thought this was the perfect ending to the Rocky saga
  • Like Rocky V, Rocky Balboa does not have a 4K release which is very annoying
  • I have seen this a few times and I still think that his son is a bit of a jerk!
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