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The first Rush Hour was my jam! At the time it was released I was all in on Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker so the two of them together was a perfect pairing. That original Rush Hour is a damn fine action comedy and a movie that has held up on repeated viewings over the years. It is the kind of movie that can always cheer you up after a rough day at work or if you just need something fun to chill with.

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Rush Hour 3 Review: The Weakest Link or Underrated Gem?

Rush Hour 2 on the other hand I feel kind of gets a bad rap. They caught lightning in a bottle with the first Rush Hour and there was a little bit of the spark missing from the sequel. I do not think it sucks like many people do, it is still a fun action comedy and Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have great chemistry, but it is nowhere near as good as the first movie.

The Familiar Yet Fun Dynamics of Rush Hour 3

Now we move on to Rush Hour 3 which came out several years after part 2, it was so long that I thought the Rush Hour series was done and dusted. I think that Rush Hour 3 is an ok movie, it is easily the weakest out of the three. It plays it very, very safe and retreads the same ground as the other two, but with a new setting. To be fair, I like the Parisian setting and that is what sets this apart from the others the most.

Carter and Lee’s Final Adventure? Analyzing Rush Hour 3’s Plot

Chris Tucker’s Detective Carter has found himself in a spot of bother. As a result, Carter is now being forced to work as a traffic cop. I am a huge Chris Tucker fan and he is pretty much what you would expect from Chris Tucker. By the way, I have to say, it is awesome how he has managed to branch out into more serious roles over the last few years.

In LA, Jackie Chan’s Chief Inspector Lee is working as a bodyguard for the Chinese Ambassador. They are in LA to give a speech and draw attention to how dangerous the Triads are. An attempt is made on the ambassador’s life, a special list with a lot of important names on it has gone missing and this all adds up to Lee and Carter having to team up again to try and save the day.

Rush Hour 3: A Safe Sequel with Sparks of Originality

The fast-paced action, the crazy jokes, and the kidnapped girl are all here! This is pretty much what you would expect from a Rush Hour movie at this point and truth be told, there is nothing wrong with that. I am not sure if it was intentional, but Lee is a little bit slower and Carter is a little bit fatter so they are getting on a bit as far as age goes and I do think that plays into things a little bit.

Will There Ever Be a Rush Hour 4? Looking Ahead

They do add a bit of drama with something being related to Lee’s past and I wish that they went more in with this, to be honest with you. Perhaps this was done to set up a potential Rush Hour 4, which we have been hearing is coming for the better part of 20 years at this point!

The Legacy of Rush Hour: A Trilogy Worth Revisiting

There is nothing majorly wrong with Rush Hour 3. It is just if I am in the mood to revisit this franchise, I am more than happy to watch the first Rush Hour and leave it at that. I have watched 2 and 3 a few times and I always have a fun time, but neither of them, more so this one, fails to capture the magic the original had. Still, I would kill for them to release a Rush Hour trilogy 4K set!

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3 brings back Chan and Tucker for more action-comedy in Paris, but struggles to recapture the magic of the original classic. Download it now.
7.5 Total Score
Rush Hour 3 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Carter and Lee still make for a fun pair
  • Even at the age he was here, Jackie Chan still kicked ass
  • Chris Tucker is always going to make you laugh
  • I liked the Paris setting as it was so different from the last two movies
  • Roman Polanski has a small role in this movie and he creeps me the hell out!
  • While this is fun, it is easily the weakest of the three movies
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