Scream 2

I loved the first movie, but Scream 2 is my favorite of the original Scream trilogy. Scream really was a game-changer for horror in the 90s into the early 00s and it is super impressive that they managed to get this movie out just a year after the first one. While I missed out on the original Scream in theatres there was no way I was missing this one!

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The Movie Review

I remember going to see this on a Saturday night with some buddies from high school and we all had an amazing time! It is one of those movie theatre experiences that I will never forget. This was before you would pre-book your tickets, you had to stand in line and actually wait and the whole line was pumped during the movie, there was a real fun energy in the theatre as everyone was so excited.

The first Scream was very self-aware and Scream 2 takes that a step further. The events of the first movie were published thanks to Gale Weathers which was then turned into a movie called Stab. It is during a showing of Stab that Scream 2 starts we see two college kids meet their ends at the hands of a new Ghostface, we also get to see how Ghostface has become a pop culture icon in this world!

Sidney’s College Life and New Challenges

Scream 2 has a new setting, Sidney is now a college student at Windsor College. Sidney has a new best friend in Hallie, a new boyfriend called Dereck and she is also joined by her friend Randy from Scream 1 and also Deputy Dewey who wants to help keep Sidney safe as he sees her more as a little sister.

Unveiling the Intrigue

After the murder at the Stab screening, Gale Weathers heads to town to cover the murder, but she is not alone, she brings Cotton Weary! Cotton was the guy that Sidney thought killed her mother in Scream 1 and he was imprisoned for it! Sidney is mad that Gale would try and surprise her with a meeting like this, but Cotton was not aware that Sidney did not know.

Mystery and Suspense Unleashed

Anyway, more people end up getting killed by this new Ghostface and once again, it is all very personal for Sidney. Just like the last movie, Scream 2 does a great job of keeping you guessing in regards to who the killer is. I think that this one did it even better as I really did not see it coming.

Embracing the Sequel’s Rules

I liked how Randy once again tells us the rules, but this time it is for a sequel! I got a huge kick out of that and just like last time, Scream 2 plays around with many of the rules and tropes that movies like this are known for. It is kind of more of the same, but I do think it is done a bit better here.

A Unique Preference

To be honest with you, I do not know what I like about Scream 2 better than the first movie, but I just do. I would be more than ok if someone told me that they prefer the first as they are quite similar movies. I think I prefer the college setting over the high school one and the movie does a great job of making you think that no one, not even Sidney is safe!

Scream 2
Scream 2 is a 1997 sequel to a well-received slasher film. Download it now and learn what happened two years later.
9.5 Total Score
Scream 2 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I think this is a slightly better slasher movie than the first
  • I legit did not see the killer coming at all
  • Once again, it plays around with what we know about slasher movies
  • I do not think this is quite as “90s” as the first movie
  • You 100 percent need to have seen the first movie to appreciate this
  • Randy!!!! If you have seen the movie, you know what I am talking about!
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