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If you read some of my other reviews here, you will know that I am a huge Scream fan. There is not one of the original movies that I do not like so when it was announced that there would be a Scream TV series and it would be its own thing away from the movies, I was very excited to see what it would be.

How to Download Scream TV series

The series was originally released on June 20, 2015, and finished airing on July 10, 2019. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review

The distribution of Scream the TV Series is quite interesting. In the USA, this is an MTV show, but in many other parts of the world such as the UK where I live, Scream is classed as a Netflix Original. Now, this review is only looking at the first two seasons of the show as the third season is a reboot and its own thing.

Scream TV Series – The Key Facts

Fact Information
TV Series Title Scream
Release Date June 20, 2015 (Initial Release)
July 10, 2019 (Last Airing)
Availability for Download/Streaming Available for download/streaming from a digital platform.
Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.
TV Network/Platform Originally aired on MTV (USA)
Classified as a Netflix Original in many other parts of the world
Seasons Covered First two seasons (Review excludes the third season which is a reboot)
Setting and Premise Takes place in the town of Lakewood with a dark past.
Incident at the local high school leads to a series of murders.
Main Themes Teenagers facing danger from a killer (Ghostface).
Efforts to identify and survive the threat.
Main Characters Emma (leader), Audrey, Noah (nerdy character), and others with varied dynamics.
Predictability and Improvement Identity of Ghostface may be obvious, improving in later seasons.
Second season leaves some unanswered questions.
Style and Identity Retains core elements from the movie series but falls short of the movies’ impact.
Characterizes with a cool, sleek, and fun identity.
Target Audience Primarily aimed at teenagers, in line with MTV’s branding.
Viewers who haven’t seen the movies may enjoy it more.
Future Re-Watch Consideration for a re-watch including the third season to reassess enjoyment.
Good ideas and reimagining are present.

Setting and Premise

Scream takes place in a town called, Lakewood, a town that has a rather horrific past. In the present day, at the local high school, there is an incident that leads to a horrible murder. This murder brings back memories of the dark past that this town has and before long a killer is on the loose and a bunch of dead bodies are found.

Reflection of the Movie Series

At its core, Scream the TV Series has much of what made the movies so great. We have Ghostface trying to kill a bunch of teens and the teens trying to figure out who Ghostface is. The premise is solid and I do think that there is some good here, but overall, it comes nowhere near to matching what made the movies so great.

Characters and Dynamics

We have a core group of characters led by Emma who is a popular high schooler and who seems to be the main target for Ghostface. Emma had a best friend called Audrey and they had a falling out, however, the events that are going down force them to try and reconnect which is easier said than done.

My favorite character in the show is actually the nerdy Noah. Noah is kind of like the Randy of the Scream the TV Series where he uses his knowledge of horror movies to try and help out. These three characters are interesting and have a good dynamic, but the rest of the cast (which is way too large) never really did anything for me.

Predictability and Improvement

I have to say that I also thought it was very obvious who Ghostface was so when that reveal happened, I had a kind of meh feeling. I will say that this gets better with the second season, but the second season left some unanswered questions which was something I found to be quite frustrating.

Style and Identity

While the first Scream was a high school slasher movie with teenagers, it never felt like it was a movie that was made for teenagers. The whole series had a cool, sleek, and fun identity and that is what I loved about it and what has caused me to rewatch each movie many times.

Target Audience and Final Thoughts

Scream the TV Series is not bad at all to be fair, but it very much feels like a show that is aimed at teenagers, which with this being an MTV thing is not surprising to be fair. I would wager that those who watched this without watching the movies probably had a much better time.

At some point, I really do need to give this (and its third season) a re-watch to see if I like it better. I think that it does have some good ideas and as a reimagining, it is kind of fun. I will say that I wish that we got an actual season three instead of the reboot thing that they tried to do as that was pretty rough, perhaps we will look at that on its own later!

Scream TV series
Scream is a TV anthology based on the famous film franchise of the same name. Download the three seasons and see what happened.
7 Total Score
Scream TV series Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • If I were like 15 and watching this, I probably would have loved it
  • I thought Noah was a cool character
  • The dynamic between Audrey and Emma was kind of interesting
  • This is a pretty fun show and I liked how it was trying to be its own thing
  • It feels very “teen” if you know what I mean
  • The cast of characters was quite hard to keep track of and it left some unanswered questions too!
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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3 Seasons - 30 episodes
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