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When Marvel/Disney do one of their showcases and tell us what the next wave of movies and shows will be I get so excited! However, after the excitement wears down, I look at some of the titles and wonder “How the heck will they do that?” That has been my feelings about Secret Invasion since it was announced.

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I love the comic book this is based on, it is one of my favorites and it is an Avengers-level event! I wondered how the heck you do the Secret Invasion storyline and not have it be at least two movies. Well, a TV show is how they decided to go and as they have done with some of the other classic storylines, this is going to be rather different, actually, this could be one of the most different from comic to screen that Marvel has done.

Now, please note, I am writing this review the morning after I saw the premier of Secret Invasions’ first episode so there are still five episodes to come. However, it is shaping up to be a very interesting “espionage” style story and while it is missing so many big hitters from the comic books, I think they are on the right track to tell the story of this Skrull invasion.

Nick Fury is the main character here and he is trying to put a stop to this Skrull invasion. Fury is aided by a Skrull, Talos as well as the likes of Miranda Hill and Everett Ross. Seeing characters that we already recognize from other Marvel movies and shows is of course, awesome!

The premise of the show is that we have this group of rebel Skrulls that are led by Gravik and they want to infiltrate Earth so that they can get what they want and ensure they survive. Skrulls were introduced into the MCU in Captain Marvel and they are a shapeshifting race which adds to the tension and the “who can we trust” aspect of the show which is great.

I think that the first episode was very interesting and I am certainly very excited for episode two. Think of Captain America: The Winter Solider and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and you will have a good idea of the tone that they are going for here. Nick Fury is fantastic as always, but we get a bit more of a vulnerable side to him here as he is even more untrusting than we have ever seen him be before!

While Secret Invasion got off on the right foot and I am ok with this being drastically different from the comic book, I do wonder if six episodes are going to be enough to tell this story. I am also wondering if some of the big hitters from the comic book will make an appearance here or are they just going to go complexly in their own direction?

Oh, two things that are already annoying the hell out of me with Secret Invasion are two things that annoy me with all Disney Plus TV shows. First of all, why do they insist on just doing one episode per week when the show is finished? Secondly, like most other Disney Plus TV shows and movies, when a scene is dark, it is way too dark, their HDR is terrible for the most part, and a huge reason why I will buy every Marvel release physically on 4K, well except this one because they never release their shows to physical media!

Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion is a 6-episode long superhero TV series that is based on Marvel Comics. Download it now and see what Nick Fury was up to.
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Secret Invasion Review Summary

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  • The potential for this to be a fun espionage style story are here right from the start
  • It is always great to see Nick Fury!
  • I am very interested to see if the Skrulls turn out to be full on villains
  • This could have huge implications for the MCU going forward
  • I love the comic book this is based on and worry that the story they are telling here may be way too different
  • I hate having to wait a week for a new episode and for the love of god Disney, fix how dark your shows are on a 4K TV!
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