Sex and the City (2008)

I remember what a big deal the Sex and the City TV show was and it still kind of is. People loved that show and my wife was one of them. I remember when I heard that Sex and the City was getting a movie and I thought “What is the point in that and who will pay to see this?” well, what the heck do I know as this movie made a ton of money and fans of the show seemed to really like it.

How to Download Sex and the City (2008)

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An Extended Episode for the Fans: Sex and the City (2008) Movie Review

That is the thing with the Sex and the City movie, it is a movie that is 100 percent made for those who are already familiar with the characters and fans of the show. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that, as a matter of fact, I give the series creator (and director of this movie) Michael Patrick King a ton of credit for that. He basically gave the fans exactly what they wanted, another adventure with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.

I am a casual fan at best of the show, I watched it with my wife, but it never worked for me the same way that it did her. Hey, I liked it, but I never loved it and I have never watched the show a second time like my wife has. However, I really appreciate how the Sex and the City movie is pretty much an extended episode of the show! I can certainly see why fans of the show love the movie so much.

The Heart of the Movie: Carrie and Big’s Evolving Relationship

Carrie and Big are looking to move to the next level and buy this dream home, but it is very expensive. Carrie would have to sell her place and she is worried that she will not have any ownership of the place if something goes wrong as they are not married. Well, Big says why don’t they get married and that is the catalyst for the movie!

More Than Just Carrie and Big: Exploring Miranda and Steve’s Struggles

As well as the typical drama that we get from Carrie and Big, Miranda and Steve are having problems in their marriage too. I actually found the stuff with Miranda and Steve to be the most interesting part of the plot in the movie. I wish that it went deeper into this, to be honest with you, but I get why they did not.

The Lives of Samantha and Charlotte: New Challenges and Adventures

While Samantha is living the “dream life” in LA with her stud husband, she misses her single days in New York. Charlotte also has a lot going on in her life having adopted a Chinese girl and she is also pregnant so she has a lot going on too. While as always, Carrie and her stuff with Big are the main event, the rest of the ladies all have their own stuff going on in their lives too.

A Fan’s Perspective: The End of an Era with Sex and the City

There will be some Sex and the City fans looking for my blood when I say this, but I just found the stuff with Carrie and Big to be exhausting as the show went on and that was the case here too. Look, my wife loved the way that this movie ended and she said she felt it would have been a perfect way to completely close the book on Sex and the City. As she is a huge fan, I cannot argue with that.

Sex and the City (2008)
Sex and the City (2008) brings the iconic quartet back for more love, friendship, and fashion in a cinematic continuation of the beloved series. Download it now.
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Sex and the City (2008) Review Summary

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  • It is like an extended episode of the show
  • This was clearly made for the fans of the series and that is cool
  • I am sure people will love how it ends for Carrie and Big
  • They do give all of the girls their time to shine
  • If you do not like the show there is no way in hell you like this
  • I feel that they could have just ended it all here….. but as we know, they did not!
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