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I thought that 2016 Sing from Gareth Jennings was a whole lot of fun. Well, Gareth Jennings is back to write and direct the sequel that is brought to us by Illumination. I am actually surprised with how much money the first movie made that it took this long for a sequel to come out!

How to Stream or Download Sing 2

All Universal Pictures releases, and that includes Sing 2, should be available for streaming on Peacock TV 45 days after their premiere date. Click on the Download button to check availability.

The Movie Review

Before we get to the movie, I have to tell you about the short movie/promo that has been playing in theatres (and on YouTube) in the run up to release. The short movie features this mom dog trying to get home from work to her kids. She ends up being part of the show put on by Buster Moon and it is hilarious and adorable. It is well worth watching before you check out Sing 2.

Anyway, let’s get to the main event, Sing 2. I will say that there are more than a few jokes and references that relate to the first movie so I do feel you need to have seen that first. I am writing this just after seeing the movie, but I do feel that this movie is more fun. Some might say that it lacks the substance of the first movie, but I think the characters still shine through, and overall, I had a better time watching this.

The movie is about Buster Moon trying to take his show to the next level and he does this by going to Jimmy Crystal to get a shot at the big time. Jimmy Crystal is not impressed with what Buster Moon is offering and blows him off. Buster, of course, does not take this lying down and ends up in a very interesting position.

The story is fun and the main plot of the movie sees Jimmy Crystal agree to Buster putting on this epic sci-fi musical, but he needs to try and get Clay Calloway out of retirement and in the show. Not only that, but he also wants Buster to give his daughter, Halsey a prominent part in the show!

It is a fun movie and it moves at a fast pace and just like the first, the soundtrack is epic and features a great mixture of songs. As well as having great music, Sing 2 has arguably one of the most stacked voice casts of any animated movie! The cast from the first returns such as Mathew McConaughey, Reese Weatherspoon, Scarlett Johansen, Nick Kroll, Taron Egerton, and freaking Bono as Clay Calloway which is awesome.

The “villain” of the movie Jimmy Crystal is voiced by Bobby Cannavale who does an awesome job in the role. I really could not list the whole cast, but everyone does a great job, but certain characters as you would expect are given more time to shine than others. I legit have zero complaints about any of the voice work in this movie.

Out of Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Animation, and Illumination I would probably rank Illumination here fourth when it comes to visuals. Sing 2 is a good-looking movie and the characters have a ton of personality. However, it is lacking a bit in terms of that visual spectacle we have come to expect from big time animated movies these days.

As I said earlier, I had a fun time with Sing 2. I can see why some might argue that the first movie has a better story, but overall, this one is far more fun. If you enjoyed the first and liked the characters, you will have a great time with this. Just make sure you watch the first and also that short before you jump in here.

Sing 2
Sing 2 is an animated musical film that is the sequel to the highly popular 2016 movie. Download it now and see what happened this time.
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