Snakes on a Plane

I have no doubt that Snakes on a Plane will forever cement its place in history as a testament to the vast divide between internet fame and true mainstream success. To some, this film may be hailed as a cult classic, a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the cheese factor of B-movies. But to the rest of us, it’s simply a passable action flick – nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t have the wit to be considered a comedic masterpiece, nor the suspense to be a truly terrifying thriller. It’s just a decent time-killer, at best. And let’s be real – it’s not worth a perfect score.

How to Download Snakes on a Plane

You can download the film from a digital store. You can also stream it. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. To see more of Samuel L. Jackson, check him out in Pulp Fiction, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, or Unbreakable.

The Movie Review

While the plot of Snakes on a Plane may be somewhat predictable and formulaic, I have a feeling that most viewers won’t be too concerned with that. After all, we all know what to expect when we see a film titled Snakes on a Plane. The story follows a man (Nathan Phillips) as he is escorted by an FBI agent (Samuel L. Jackson) to Los Angeles to testify against a powerful mafia boss. Along the way, they must face off against a horde of venomous snakes that have been released on their flight, causing chaos and terror among the passengers.

But let’s be honest – the real draw of this film is the action and the novelty of the concept. Who wouldn’t want to see Samuel L. Jackson kicking snake butt and saving the day in a variety of creative and over-the-top ways? And let’s not forget the thrill of watching those snakes wreak havoc on the plane, terrorizing the hapless passengers. It may not be the most intellectually stimulating film, but it’s sure to be a wild and entertaining ride.

It’s good to hear that the acting in Snakes on a Plane is generally as good as it could be, despite the potentially campy nature of the film. Samuel L. Jackson is known for his commanding presence on screen, and it sounds like he delivers in this film as well. It’s also good to know that the rest of the cast holds their own and manages to deliver decent performances.

It’s worth noting that even in a film that may not be taken entirely seriously, strong acting can still elevate the material and make for a more enjoyable viewing experience. It sounds like the cast of Snakes on a Plane manages to do just that, bringing their characters to life and delivering solid performances despite the inherently ridiculous premise.

The Visuals

It sounds like they had some issues with the CGI snakes used in Snakes on a Plane, particularly in regard to their lack of realism and how they were used in the film.

It’s understandable to be disappointed when special effects don’t live up to one’s expectations, especially if they are a key element of the film. In the case of Snakes on a Plane, it sounds like the filmmakers may have relied too heavily on the CGI snakes and not enough on other elements of the film, such as atmospheric camerawork or thematic development through its visuals.

The sad part here is that none of the special effects are any good either, the snakes feel fake and unrealistic to a fault.

The Music

It’s unfortunate to hear that Trevor Rabin’s score for Snakes on a Plane is horrendous. It’s possible that others may have had a different experience with Rabin’s score for Snakes on a Plane and found it to be more to their liking. Ultimately, the quality of a film’s score is a matter of personal opinion, and in my personal opinion, this was one of the worst scores I’ve heard in a film. It’s forgettable and boring, with hardly any atmosphere to it.


It’s worth noting that Snakes on a Plane was intended as a campy, over-the-top action film and was not meant to be taken entirely seriously. While it’s true that the film may not be particularly original or intellectually stimulating, it’s important to remember that not all films are meant to be deep or thought-provoking.

Sometimes, the intention is simply to provide entertainment and escapism. That being said, filmmakers should try to avoid relying on tired stereotypes and clichés, and this film is chock full of them. Snakes on a Plane’s only saving grace are the performances of its cast, and nothing else does anything here to make it better than what it turned out to be.

Snakes on a Plane
Snakes on a Plane is an action film from 2006. Download it now and see what's the deal with venomous reptiles attacking passengers.
4 Total Score
Snakes on a Plane Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The actors do their best, especially Sam L. Jackson
  • The film has some funny sequences that take you by surprise
  • The script is downright bad. The jokes are usually unfunny, and the writing is out of place
  • The film has a horrible sense of atmosphere, with shoddy editing work and random scene placement
  • The camera work is genuinely bad, with terrible CGI to make the film look even less presentable
  • The soundtrack is not easy on the ears, and yet it’s intensely forgettable
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