Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker

Like many people in their 30s, I grew up a huge Star Wars fan and I still am to this day. So far (including this one) Disney has made five Star Wars movies and I personally have really enjoyed four of them. I will admit that The Last Jedi did not exactly click with me, but I will say that Star Wars Rise of Skywalker ended the series good enough for me and it was a fun time.

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I do not want to spoil anything in this review so anything I do mention is common knowledge. The story this time around is a little all over the place, but it is still fun. The new resistance is trying to take it to the fight to Kylo Ren and his First Order and trying to save the galaxy from his rule. I love the dynamic between Finn and Poe and I think it is played best in this movie out of the whole trilogy.

Rey is also on her own quest which I do not want to go to much into, but her showdown with Kylo Ren is really just the start of her discovering who she is and what she capable of. I thought the story arc for both Rey and Kylo Ren was fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. When the big reveal of the movie happened, I legit had my mouth open and thought it was awesome.

Is this a masterpiece of storytelling? No, but none of the Star Wars movies are and I say that as someone who loves these movies to death! The Rise of Skywalker is a very fun time and the movie just zooms by. The action scenes are awesome, especially the epic battle at the end, but I do feel that this new trilogy is lacking in terms of the lightsaber battles.

One area that Disney has not nailed it is the lightsaber. Say what you want about the prequels, but they nailed it with the lightsaber battles. Here, you do not quite get that epic feeling, but I do feel that the space battles and other action set pieces more than make up for this.

As a long time, Star Wars far a huge part of what I did not like about The Last Jedi was how they portrayed Luke Skywalker. No spoilers here, but I much, much preferred what they did with Luke here. I thought they paid a lot of respect to him, Chewie and Leia and as an old school Star Wars fan I really do not see how they could have ended the series any better than they did.

Is this my favorite Star Wars movie of all time? No, but in terms of the new trilogy, I would say that Rise of Skywalker is my favorite of this final trilogy. I still think that Solo is the most fun of Disney’s Star Wars movies, but this one here is still a really good and fun time and worth checking out.

Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker
Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker is the final part of the SW saga. Download it now and enjoy the ending of the best space opera of all time.
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