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Most people agree that The Mandalorian is the best thing that Disney has done with Star Wars since they acquired it. I would have to say that I would put Star Wars: Visions right behind The Mandalorian. This is a show that I watched with my son and we both loved everything about it!

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What we have here with Star Wars: Visions is an anthology-style TV show. While each episode is its own contained story and that is great. The twist with this is that each episode is also done by a different animation studio! Not only are we getting different stories, each show has its own look and feel to it as well.

It made watching this show so much fun, we went from one episode straight to the next, reading nothing about it so we would be completely surprised by what we saw. My son and I agreed that over the two seasons of Star Wars: Visions, there is no “bad” episode in the bunch! Some are clearly better than others, but an episode never ended and one of us went “That sucked”!

It was so cool how they got animation studios from all over the world to be part of this project. We had seven from Japan for the first season such as Trigger, Studio Colorido, and Geno Studio. Season two opened things up to studios from all over the world such as Aardman in the UK, El Guiri from Spain, and Studio La Cachette from France.

Between the two seasons of Star Wars: Visions there are 18 episodes and clearly I cannot talk about them all. However, I decided that I would talk a little about the ones that I liked the best. As I said, none of these episodes are bad, but these are the ones that clicked with me the most.

I think my favorite one is Screecher’s Reach by Cartoon Saloon from Ireland. The premise here is that we have these kids that live in a workhouse and they dream of something bigger and decide to head to a secluded cave where a supposed ghost lives. This is no ghost, it actually turns out to be a Sith! I freaking loved this episode and out of them all, it is the one I would love to see a sequel to so I know what happens to the girl at the end of it!

Another one that I love is called The Duel and this was made by Japanese studio, Kamikaze Douga. This is like an old-timey Japanese samurai story set in the world of Star Wars where a Ronin is traveling around killing Siths and taking their Kyber Crystals! It is awesome stuff and features one of the most epic lightsaber battles you will ever see.

Those are my two favorite episodes from each season, but they are all worth watching. It is crazy how different they all are from the anime look of The Dual to the classic Aardman style of I Am Your Mother which is hilarious by the way. This legit is one of the most fun things that Disney has done with Star Wars and I hope they keep on making more seasons of this!

Star Wars: Visions
Star Wars: Visions is a series of short animated science fiction films from the well-known universe. Download it now and enjoy the content.
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Star Wars: Visions Review Summary

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  • I love how each episode is its own unique Star Wars story
  • There are some amazing characters that have been created in this show
  • The visuals are incredible as each episode has its own style
  • There are 18 episodes and not a single one of them is bad!
  • I hate how Disney does not release their Disney Plus show on physical media
  • I got into some of these episodes so much that I am desperate for a sequel to at least ¼ of these episodes!
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